Find your hard waste dates

Stonnington has two scheduled hard waste collections every year, in spring and autumn. You cannot get a hard waste collection at any other time.

You'll receive a brochure in the mail with the collection date for your street or alternatively click on 'find your hard waste dates' below.

View the latest residential hard waste brochure(PDF, 253KB)

Find your hard waste dates  

Enter your street address and select 'Search' to find your collection dates.

What hard waste can be collected?

For a full list of what can be collected, view our searchable waste and recycling guide below.

Find what hard rubbish can be collected

Some of the things we do not collect are:

  • renovation or building materials
  • gas bottles
  • any tyres
  • household garbage and recyclables
  • hazardous materials and chemicals
  • car parts
  • asbestos
  • paint
  • fire extinguishers
  • batteries of any type.

When and where to put out your hard waste

Put items out the front of your property on the nature strip. Don’t put them out more than two days before your collection date.

It's an offence to look through or take items from other people’s hard waste. Everything must be collected by our authorised collection service.

When you put out your items for collection, make sure you follow our guidelines:

  • Individual items must weigh less than 20 kilograms.
  • Items must be shorter than 1.5 metres long, except mattresses.
  • All the hard waste together must take up less than five cubic metres.
  • Mattresses must be placed separately. Don’t put anything on top of them.
  • Make sure there are no vehicles parked in front of the waste on collection day.
  • Make sure the footpath is always clear, with access for wheelchairs and prams.

Hard waste for businesses and owners corporations

You will need to book a hard waste collection if you:

  • are a business or non-residential property
  • don’t have much space outside your property to put hard waste
  • live in a large apartment building - contact your owners' corporation to book a collection for you
  • live on a main road. 

You can only make a booking during our usual autumn and spring hard waste collection times. The booking details will be made available about a month before the collection.

Make sure you book your hard waste collection before the cut-off date. 

Book a hard waste collection

Where does my hard waste go?

We try to recycle as much of your hard waste as possible, including:

  • scrap metal
  • green waste
  • electronics
  • mattresses
  • soft furniture (such as couches, armchairs).

To help with recycling, your items may be removed by more than one vehicle at a time. However, you may see mattresses and green waste collected by the same truck – don't worry, it all gets sorted!