How your rates are calculated

How we calculate your rates 

The City of Stonnington calculates your rates by multiplying two figures:

  • your property's Capital Improved Value (CIV), and 
  • a rate in the dollar amount declared by Council.

What is the Capital Improved Value?

The CIV of a property is the value of the land plus any improvements on the land.

It’s the approximate amount you could expect to be offered for the property if you put it on the market.

Who determines the Capital Improved Value?

Council valuers conduct property valuations each year. They determine the CIV used to calculate your general rate.

What is the rate in the dollar?

The rate in the dollar is an amount set by Council to fund works and services. 

The 2020-21 rate in the dollar is 0.0010177

What’s an example of a rate calculation?

If we valued your property at $800,000 your general rates would be $814.16 based on the 2020-21 rate in the dollar.

The equation would look like this: 

$800,000 (Capital Improved Value) X 0.0010177 (rate in the dollar) = $814.16 (general rates).

Are there charges in addition to general rates?

Yes, you will also see on your rates notice:

Annual waste charges

We determine waste charges by the size and number of your bins and add it to your general rate.

  • The 2020-21 minimum waste charge is $268.00. 
  • The minimum food and green waste charge is $97.90.
  • Recycling bins are supplied at no charge. 

Fire Services Property Levy

Since July 2013 we’ve collected the Fire Services Property Levy on behalf of the State Government - we don’t retain these funds ourselves. 

The levy contributes to the cost of operating the Metropolitan Fire Brigade and it replaced the levy previously funded through insurance premiums.

You can find out more about the levy on the Fire Services Property Levy website.

What if I don’t agree with my property valuation?

You can lodge an objection with Council.  

What do my rates pay for?

Your rates go towards all sorts of services, infrastructure and maintenance in your community. 

For every $100 of your rates we spend, this is the amount we allocate to each main area we’re responsible for:

  • Capital works: $30.20
  • Aged, diversity and community services: $7.93
  • Early years services: $2.57
  • Environment and waste: $6.61
  • Open space and environment: $5.68
  • Economic development, events, arts and culture: $5.57
  • Planning and place: $6.44
  • Infrastructure, transport and city operations: $17.72
  • Recreation and aquatic services: $4.25
  • Engagement and innovation: $4.28
  • Civic, governance and administration: $6.71
  • Property and facilities: $2.04