Planning scheme and amendments

Stonnington Planning Scheme 

The Stonnington Planning Scheme came into operation on 13 July 2000, and sets out the direction for using, developing and protecting land within the city.

The Planning Scheme is made up for four key components:

  1. Planning Policy Framework - a standard set of planning policies and controls that apply to all local government areas within Victoria. We cannot change the Planning Policy Framework.
  2. Municipal Strategic Statement - outlines the key land use and development objectives and strategies for our local government, and provides the basis for zones, overlays and particular provisions. We review the Municipal Strategic Statement every three years.
  3. Local planning policies
  4. Planning Scheme maps

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Planning Scheme amendments

From time to time, changes are made to the Planning Scheme. These changes are call Planning Scheme amendments and may be introduced to respond to changes in the area, a new council policy or to improve how the scheme operates.

Amendments to the Stonnington Planning Scheme can be prepared by Council or the Minister for Planning.

Individuals and other parties may request an amendment to the planning scheme.  To be considered, the request must:

  • be in writing
  • present justification why the amendment should be prepared.

Council is under no obligation to prepare an amendment and, after assessing a request, may decide not to proceed.

Current Planning Scheme amendments

Planning Scheme amendment Status

C316ston - Malvern Heritage Review

Proposes to implement the recommendations of the Malvern Heritage Review

Consideration of submissions

C296ston - Municipal Wide Development Contribution Plan

Applies a Development Contribution Plan Overlay to all land in the Stonnington Planning Scheme.

Approval under consideration

C272ston - Hawksburn Village Structure Plan

Implementing the Hawksburn Village Structure Plan recommendations and strategic directions into the Stonnington Planning Scheme.

Approved - Gazetted 11 February 2021

C285ston - Interwar, Post-war and Early Modern Neighbourhood Character Overlays

Applies a Neighbourhood Character Overlay and Design and Development Overlay to four Early Modern/Post-war, Interwar/Post-war and Post-war precincts.

Approved - Gazetted 12 November 2020

C304ston - Compilation Heritage Amendment

Applies Heritage Overlays to one new precinct and three individual places, and revisions and extensions to four existing precincts.

Approval under consideration

View all Stonnington Planning Scheme amendments on the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning website.

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