Transport Advisory Committee

The purpose of the Transport Advisory Committee is to make the most of the knowledge, experience, expertise, and skills of people who work, live and study in Stonnington to provide Council with advice to support the implementation of Council’s Integrated Transport Plan 2020-2025 and supporting documents.

The Transport Advisory Committee:

  • supports officers with their advice to Council
  • contributes practical advice to engage the community on issues
  • facilitates stakeholder engagement
  • supports quality decision making
  • identifies, articulates and responds appropriately to priority, new and emerging issues, and
  • provides feedback on the delivery of strategies under the Stonnington Community Plan.

The Committee acts in an advisory capacity only and has no delegated authority to make decisions on behalf of Council.

Terms of Reference

Read the Transport Advisory Committee Terms of Reference(PDF, 670KB)


Committee  Transport Advisory Committee 

Cr Mike Scott

Jeremy Gammon

Meeting frequency Quarterly 
Appointment term 

Two years

Term end 31 December 2024 

Committee objectives

The objectives of the Committee are to:

  • contribute to the development and implementation of relevant Strategies and Action Plans, as appropriate
  • provide feedback and input into transport initiatives, including programs and infrastructure planning and development
  • provide information on general issues pertaining to the achievement of transport objectives within the City of Stonnington.


The Committee membership comprises:

  • one to two Stonnington Councillors appointed by Council
  • six to 10 community representatives - people who live, work or study in Stonnington appointed through an expression of interest process
  • staff – the Coordinator Transport Planning and Transport Planner who provide administrative support and advice to the Committee.