Asset protection program

Why is a asset protection permit required?

An asset protection permit is required when building work has the potential to damage or destroy Council assets. These assets include roads, footpaths, nature strips, kerbs, channels, right of way and laneways, trees, signage and infrastructure.

When we consider an application we determine the condition of our asset prior to commencement and after completion of building or demolition works.

The responsible person

The property owner is the person responsible for the work. The responsible person is liable for any damages and repair to Council’s satisfaction. The permit also protects the responsible person against paying for damage that may have existed prior to starting building works.

How do I apply for an asset protection permit?

When Council receives notification from your building surveyor of building and/or demolition works, an officer will undertake an inspection of the property and surrounds.

A letter, invoice and report of existing conditions will be sent to the property owner, advising of the requirements for an asset protection permit, and applicable fee and bond, prior to commencing works.

It is a condition of the Local Law to have the permit in place prior to work commencing.

What are the associated costs?

A non-refundable administration fee of $294 pays for the administration and inspection associated with the permit for a single dwelling only.

A refundable security bond is also required. This is set at a minimum of $3,000 but may be a higher amount as determined by the Council’s officer.

Multi-unit development permits fees

From 1 July 2021, Council will charge an increased permit fee for dual-occupation (duplex) developments, and for multi-unit developments (greater than two dwellings/premises on site).The increase of these fees is to cover road asset administration and inspection costs associated with these permits.

Dual-occupation permit fee: $1,040

Multi-unit development permit fee: $2,080

For more information please contact Council’s Building Administration Team on 03 8290 1333.

Important information and infringement notices

Any damage to Council’s assets may result in an infringement notice being served on the permit holder and/or builder.

If the building works commence without an asset protection permit, an infringement notice may be issued to the property owner and/or builder for failing to comply with the City of Stonnington General Local Law 2018 (No.1). 

If building works commence without an Asset Protection Permit Council will assume that there was no existing damage to public assets prior to the commencement of the building works.

Completion of works

At the completion of all building and associated works, you must submit a works completed form(DOCX, 621KB) to Council to request a final inspection. Council will inform you in writing of the outcome of this inspection.

If Council's authorised officer is satisfied that no damage to Council assets was caused as a result of the work, the security bond will be refunded in full. If damage has occurred to Council assets the relevant officer will contact you.