Pets in the Park

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The City of Stonnington’s much-loved Pets in the Park event returns to Central Park in Malvern East on Sunday 24 March!

Our annual celebration of all things pets is the purrfect day out for you and your animal friends, with presentations, demonstrations, competitions, activities, information and market stalls that will tickle your tail feathers (or scales!).

There will be enjoyable activities for all ages while providing valuable information on responsible pet ownership, pet safety and management.

Pets are welcome to attend the day's activities, secured on a lead at all times. Pet owners are responsible for picking up after their pets. Furry, feathery or scaly, everyone can enjoy and learn at Pets in the Park.

Event highlights

  • Stage presentations about pet wellbeing and management, understanding backyard chickens, Australian native animal encounters and more!
  • Interactive dog obedience training sessions with animal behaviourist expert Dr Caroline Cook.
  • Children's activities include animal face painting with Rosy Red, arts and crafts workshops with Smart Art and A Fitting Connection.
  • Pet portraits with Awkward Portraits.
  • Compete for the Best Trick & Best Dressed Award in the Superstar Pet Competition with special guest judge and event ambassador “Aussie Yuki”
  • Over 50 market stalls including food vendors, arts and crafts, animal welfare organisations and the latest pet products.
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Event details

Main Stage Presenters

Presentation Description

Native Australian Animals - Interactive Australian Wildlife Encounter with WildlifeXposure

Touch and hold hand-reared gliding possums, pat a tame dingo and interact with native parrots, lizards, frogs & turtles. Come face to face with apex predators, confront non-venomous pythons and marvel at salt and freshwater crocodiles!

Vulnerable & Endangered - Interactive Australian Wildlife Encounter with WildlifeXposure

Learn how we can help conserve and protect the future of vulnerable, threatened or endangered species and be given the privilege to see, touch and hold these rare and wonderful creatures.

10 Ways We Stress Our Dogs with Lara Shannon

There are various ways we can cause stress and anxiety in our dogs without even realising it. Hear how telling our dogs “It’s okay”, hugging them, saying “no” all the time, pulling them along on a walk, plus other little things we do can stress them out.

Introducing a Puppy or Rescue Dog into Your Home with Lara Shannon

From ensuring your home is puppy-proofed to avoiding over-socialising and putting them into stressful situations, Lara provides her top tips on ensuring a smooth introduction of a new puppy or rescue dog into your home.

Puppy Raising with Guide Dogs Victoria

Do you want to know what it takes to be a volunteer Puppy Raiser for Guide Dogs Victoria? Perhaps you want to trial dog ownership before committing or maybe you know someone with low vision or blindness. There are so many wonderful reasons to volunteer as a Puppy Raiser and we are here to help guide you through the process.

Health Check with Dr Melissa Meehan

Can you recognise when your pet is dehydrated or what their coat health might be telling you? This informative session will cover the overall wellbeing of cats and dogs, including diet, exercise and changes for key life stage, plus critical signs that you need to take your pet to the vet.

Superstar Pet Competition

Don’t miss your chance to get involved in the Pets in the Park annual Superstar Pet Competition sponsored by Petstock and Ovolo Hotels. Prizes are up for grabs for ‘Best Trick’ and ‘Best Dressed’, so get ready to strut your fluff. 

  • First place prize for Best Dressed and Best Trick is a $350 voucher for 1-night accommodation for two adults plus their dog at Ovolo Hotels, a $50 Petstock voucher and 3kg bag of Glow dry food.
  • Second prize is a $30 Petstock voucher and 3kg bag of Glow dry food.
  • Third prize is a $25 Petstock voucher and 3kg bag of Glow dry food.

Register from 11am at the Petstock stall

10 Ways to Make Your Cat Happy with Dr Caroline Cook

How do you know if your cat is happy? Join veterinarian Dr Caroline Cook from AnimalWise Training as she discusses 10 ways to help keep your cat living its best life. This advice may help prevent some common cat behaviour problems!

Happy, Healthy Productive Backyard Chickens with Jessamy Miller

Jessamy Miller is your friendly backyard chicken-keeping expert, passionate about making chicken keeping easier and more fun. Expect tips on how to keep happy, healthy and productive backyard chickens, as well as delving into some chicken psychology to help you manage your flock. The team from Stonnington Animal Management will also be joining for a short talk on keeping chicken in Stonnington. 

Demonstration Stage Presenters

Presentation Description

How to stop leash pulling – Obedience Training Session with Dr Caroline Cook

This interactive session by AnimalWise Training will demonstrate the fundamentals of training your dog to walk nicely on a lead, with no pull. Bring your dog along with their favourite treats and register your interest from 11am at the demonstration area. A few lucky candidates will be invited to practice in the ring with the trainer (waiver required). There will be plenty of space to view from the sidelines for everyone else! 

How to get your dog reliably coming back to you - Obedience Training Session with Dr Caroline Cook

Ever found yourself running after your dog as they ignore your calls and charge after something in the distance? This interactive session by AnimalWise Training will demonstrate the fundamentals of training your dog to come back to you. Bring your dog along with their favourite treats and register your interest from 11am at the demonstration area. A few lucky candidates will be invited to practice in the ring with the trainer (waiver required). There will be plenty of space to view from the sidelines for everyone else! 

Paw-lates by Petstock

Pilates for your pooch! 

A session to help strengthen your buddy's muscles and balance while incorporating fun and engaging training techniques to get those tails wagging.

Human Agility Game & Simon Says and Trick Training by Melbourne Canine Freestyle

Melbourne Canine Freestyle will be presenting two exciting and action-packed performance demonstrations that are fun for the whole family! Join us for Simon Says and Trick Training or get involved in our Human Agility Game. Both activities involve audience participation, so be ready to join in the fun!


Stallholder Description

Animal Comfort Care Centre and The Doghouse

Animal Comfort Care Centre will be teaming up with The Doghouse to provide information on pet services, including palliative care, dog walking, pet sitting, training and more. 
B+T Pets B+T Pets provides a magical dog wonderland of harnesses, leads, collars, poo bag holders, and Australian single-ingredient dehydrated treats. Visit us for walk wear and bling that stands out. 
Behaviour Hub

Come check out our “Behaviour Hub” stall, where you’ll find a vet, a trainer and a pet educator all in attendance!

Jacqui Pace is from Laika Pet Training and believes everyone can learn to better understand and train their pets using the most modern and kind methods.

Dr Channy McGowan from The Calm Pet Vet is an inclusive, mobile veterinary & behaviour service across Naarm & beyond, helping pet guardians navigate problematic behaviour.

Dr Caroline Cook from AnimalWise Training delivers online training to pet owners seeking to understand their pet’s body language and how to make easy changes at home to help pets live their best lives.

Big Dog and Skippy

Melbourne-based online dog boutique Big Dog & Skippy has all the colourful and high-quality dog accessories you need to help you and your pup get ready for your next adventure!

Bondi Pooch

Bondi Pooch is all about comfort and style for your pooch! We sell dog harnesses, collars, leads, bags and blankets. If you have oodles, frenchies, dachshunds, pugs and spaniels, we have the perfect accessories for you!

Bubble Pawz

Bubble Pawz is a family-owned pet supply company that has proudly partnered with local Australian manufacturers to bring you and your pooch the finest Natural & Organic products. Offering handcrafted shampoos, soaps and bath bombs that contain Natural & Organic bases and Essential Oils that are pleasing to pets but repulsive to fleas and pests.

Canine Kinetics

We are a small boutique clinic based in the heart of bustling Prahran, offering canine physical rehabilitation, hydrotherapy and physiotherapy. We work very closely with you, the owner, your dog and your vet to ensure the best personalised treatment plan for your dog.

Cocker Spaniel Rescue Australia

Cocker Spaniel Rescue Australia (CSRA) is a breed specific, foster-based, no-kill rescue group and registered charity. We take in Cocker Spaniels young, old, so-called “unadoptable”, and everything in between. To help raise much-needed funds, foster carers make dog enrichment items such as snuffle mats and snuffle balls that will be available at our stall.

Comfy Tails

We decided to create a fun product range focusing on quality, functional, colourful and aesthetically pleasing pet accessories. All products are designed, printed and made in Melbourne and are loved all around Australia.

Doggie Tid Bits

On our quest to find all natural and healthy treats for Baxter the Beagle and Lexi the Dachshund, Doggie Tid Bits was born. Doggie Tid Bits makes human grade treats for food obsessed pooches that are naturally toxin free.

Edgar's Mission

Edgar’s Mission is a not-for-profit farmed animal sanctuary that seeks to create a humane and just world for all. We do this by directly rescuing farmed animals in need and advocating for the less fortunate ones who will never know kindness. Working diligently and compassionately towards rehabilitating those who find our sanctuary gates and, where possible, finding them their forever homes where they will never be forgotten, unloved or in need of care again.

Evia Designs - Pet Impression Jewellery

Capture the nose or paw print impression of your beloved pet and transform it into a one-of-a-kind piece of jewellery. Celebrate the bond and unconditional love you share with a personalised necklace, bracelet or ring in sterling silver or solid 9ct gold.
Forever Friends Animal Rescue Rescued animals are taken in by our foster carers to be rehabilitated in their own home while receiving comprehensive veterinary treatment and/or behavioural rehabilitation. They remain in care until they find safe and loving forever homes.
Greyt Greys Greyhound Rescue

Greyt Greys Rescue (GGR) is a registered, non-profit charity dealing in love and long snoots since 2017. We are a volunteer-run rescue, passionate about rescuing, rehabilitating, and rehoming greyhounds.

Visit our stall for information on greyhound rescue, adoption and care, and browse our selection of human and dog goods. All money raised goes toward our greyhound rescue and rehabilitation program.

Guide Dogs Victoria

Since 1957, Guide Dogs Victoria has provided vital support and services for Victorians with low vision or blindness.
Houndsome Houndsome's range of thoughtfully designed and crafted pieces is made here in Australia by a collective of local artisans and makers. You won’t find any mass-produced imports. Houndsome is all about distinctive pieces for distinctive dogs that are beautiful, durable and built to last.

House of Woof

House of Woof delivers a walk wear range that includes a harness that shows off your pooch's best features, a collar to let people know who they are, a lead so they can show you where the dog park is and, of course, a poop bag so you are always prepared. 

Howler Collection

HOWLER COLLECTION is a contemporary pet label that values quality, functionality, and sustainability. The Step-In Harness is like no other on the market and has been granted an innovation patent. It prevents rubbing and matting while protecting the pet's trachea. Furthermore, it can be fitted in 3 seconds with a magnetic clip that has a 65k load.
Ingrid's Haven Ingrid's Haven is a not-for-profit, no-kill cat shelter located in Victoria. Many of the Haven cats have been saved from death row at the local pound, rescued and cared for by Ingrid and her volunteers until new loving homes can be found. Come and meet some of the loyal band of artisans/crafters who sew/knit/crochet items for humans and felines to raise much-needed funds. 

Kip. Happy Stays

Melbourne's favourite Pet Boarding, Doggy Daycare & Dog Training solution. We know there’s nowhere as special as home, so we strive to create an environment with the same qualities – one that’s safe, active and caring, where every paw-sonality is treated as an individual.
Lenny's Kitchen

Lenny's Kitchen Muesli is formulated in conjunction with renowned and respected Vet, Dr Bruce Syme BVSc (Hons). Our Melbourne Made Muesli contains 70% Australian ingredients-fruit, vegetables, plants, herbs, good grains and essential nutrients.              Raw Feeding Made Easy!


LOVEPUP is a much-loved brand for stylish pups across the world since 2017. We have a wide range of dog bandanas, bow ties and scarves, all handmade in Melbourne by Laura and her trusty sidekick Daisy, the mini dachshund.

Medicinal Plants for Animals

Based on the conditions we see every day in vet practice, Dr Jen has formulated a range of non-prescription medicinal plant blends. Our selections aren't just based on intuition; they are rooted in rigorous scientific evidence and witnessed clinical efficacy. Every plant we incorporate has been thoroughly researched and chosen for its proven therapeutic potential.

Pets of the Homeless

Pets Of The Homeless works to help keep vulnerable people and their pets together by alleviating the burden of providing essential pet care during times of hardship. We do this via the provision of pet food and supplies, assistance with veterinary care, emergency boarding, foster care, as well as a range of other support to help those in crisis keep their pets.


You get more of what you need at Petstock – more for you, and more for the pets you love. Visit us for expert advice, quality products within your budget and specialist pet services.
Pet Planet


Pet Planet offers a range of pet supplies from freeze dried raw treats, to toys and wireless pet accessories.


We at Sassbai take pride in unique and quality products imported from Europe. We have a passion for our premium ranges and would like to spread this to the rest of the pet community in Australia.

Save-A-Dog Scheme

Save-A-Dog Scheme (SADS) is a community-based not-for-profit animal welfare organisation that saves hundreds of dogs and cats from being killed every year. We have a no-kill philosophy and provide veterinary care to sick or injured animals so they can live out their natural lifespan. SADS was established in 1985 to offer animals in need a humane alternative. The pound/shelter facility in Glen Iris is owned by the City of Stonnington and operated by Save-A-Dog Scheme.

Second Chance Animal Rescue

Over the past several years, Second Chance Animal Rescue Inc. (SCAR) has embarked on a journey to evaluate the needs of animals (and their owners) in our community, to identify barriers and find innovative ways to deal with the grassroots problems that see companion animals being abandoned. Human and dog items for sale to help raise money for our charity.
Snoot Style Reduce your pawprint with eco-friendly dog clothes. Our dog apparel is made to last and uses recycled fabrics and organic cotton. We’ve also teamed up with WWF, so when you shop with us, you’re helping to empower communities, take a stand against climate change and protect biodiversity.
Southpaws Discover unparalleled pet care at Southpaws Specialist and Emergency Vet in Melbourne. Our expert team provides specialised services with cutting-edge technology, ensuring your furry family members receive top-notch care. From orthopaedic to surgical oncology, we prioritise both expertise and compassion, creating a welcoming environment for pets and owners alike.

Spinning Pets Yarn

Spinning Pets Yarn transforms your pet's precious fur into timeless treasures and personalised keepsakes that bring to life the spirit of your precious companion. We spin, weave, knit, and crochet your handspun custom yarns so you can keep your pet close to you now and fur-ever.

Stafford Rescue Victoria

Stafford Rescue Victoria is a registered charity that operates an adoption scheme for unwanted or destitute Staffy’s, providing a last chance for a happy and secure home. We will sell harnesses, toys, and Staffy merchandise to raise funds for our charity.
Stonnington Animal Management Responsible pet ownership involves registering, microchipping and desexing your pet, as well as cleaning up after pets and walking dogs on leads. Stonnington Animal Management will be available to discuss any questions and advise on Pet ownership in Stonnington. Come and meet your local friendly Animal Management team and take home a free goodie bag.
Sunnies Snackos Sunnies Snackos Pet Boutique is every poochies dream! Snacks, fashion AND walk-wear, what more could your floofy pal want or need!

Sustainable Stonnington

Stonnington’s Sustainable Environment and Waste Education officers will be available to provide expert advice on all things waste and sustainability. The team will be providing resources to help your garden attract wildlife, kitchen caddies and compostable caddy liners to help you divert food scraps from landfills, and information on the Council’s waste and recycling services.
The Park Vets The Park Vets are the trusted in-home veterinary partner providing mobile vet care to Melbourne’s inner east. Our mission is to provide comprehensive, compassionate and personalised veterinary services, ensuring your pets receive the attention they deserve in the comfort of their familiar surroundings. Contact:
The Pet Project Your dog, like you, isn’t made to eat chemical additives. The Pet Project Natural Treats are as simple and pure as they get - the genuinely healthy treat your pet deserves.


Discover the difference with UGROOM, salon quality Australian made pet care developed for all breeds. Elevate your grooming routine with products that will exceed all expectations! Discover the difference for your dogs.

Your Home Vet

Your Home Vet is a newly launched, fear free mobile vet service in Melbourne by Dr Abby and Nurse Bec. We provide various services, including vaccinations, sick pet exams, lump assessment, orthopaedic exam and management, blood & urine testing, initial stage ultrasound, senior wellness plan and gentle home goodbyes. 

Other Attractions

Attraction Description

Awkward Portraits

Awkward Portraits is a special brand of intentionally daggy portraiture based in Naarm (Melbourne) since 2013. We take every day good looking people, dress them in outdated outfits, pose them in uncomfortable positions and capture the hilarity for years of enjoyment. See you there for your unique 1970s-styled ‘face-in-sky’ portrait!

Rosy Red Face Painting

Rosy and her wildly talented team of face painters can transform you into your favourite animal or even a much loved family pet! Choose your own adventure and get feathered, scaled or furred.

Smart Art

Come and make a wild creation with Smart Art! Children will be inspired and guided through the art of crafting a pet rock during this interactive workshop. These beasts will be individualised and taken home to be nurtured and loved, just like a ‘real’ pet!

Contented Chooks with Jessamy Miller

Chickens make great productive pets, are ideal for families and can be readily incorporated into a sustainable backyard, whether you are in the city or the country. A range of information sheets on poultry care will be available, including predator-proofing tips, what to feed chooks and examples of henhouse setups.

Answer all your large and small chicken keeping questions or simply find out whether chickens might be suitable for you at Jessamy’s stall. 

Backyard Honey

Backyard Honey is a buzzing Melbourne success story run by local Stonnington residents Henry Fried and Mary Trumble.

Come get up close and personal with a live bee colony at Backyard Honey's market stall. Offering an immersive beekeeping experience with a live display hive and raw honey tastings. Visitors to our stall will have the opportunity to learn what it takes to keep backyard bees, ask our expert beekeepers all their bee questions and learn more about bee-friendly actions they can take to support local pollinators.

A Fitting Connection

Did you know that more than 6,000 kilograms of clothing and textiles are sent to landfill every ten minutes? A Fitting Connection are dedicated to facilitating change through education on purposeful textile ownership and end-of-life disposal. Come along and learn how to give your old clothing or sheets a second life in this fun, hands-on workshop where you can make your own dog or kitten toy. 

Compost Revolution

Join the fast-growing movement to compost at home, recycling your food, garden & pet waste. Compost Revolution will be providing advice on composting and hosting two informative workshops at their stall.

11.30am – Worm Farming Workshop. Learn to worm farm in 20 minutes! Transform your food waste into free soil food for your plants!

1.30pm – Pet Waste Composter Workshop. Learn odourless Pet Waste Composting in 15 minutes! Ditch the stink in your wheelie bin and watch your garden thrive instead!

Participating Stonnington residents will be offered 70% off gear delivered to their door, from Stonnington’s Compost Revolution program.

Frequently asked questions

Getting there

We are proud to promote Pets in the Park as an environmentally low-impact event. We encourage attendees to be environmentally conscious when making travel arrangements. 

Public Transport: Central Park Malvern East – Central Park is located at 148 Burke Road in Malvern East. The nearest public transport services are:

  • Tram route 5 at Burke Road/Wattletree Road stop

You can plan your journey using the PTV Journey Planner.

Car: There is limited parking available in the surrounding streets at Central Park. As such, we strongly recommend walking, riding, or using public transport. If you choose to drive, please allow plenty of time to find a parking space.

Is the event accessible?

Transport: There are two permanent accessible parking bays on Kingston Street near the new playground.

Public bathrooms: Accessible toilets will be available. 

Help us improve: The City of Stonnington is committed to access and inclusion for all people. We endeavour to make our events as accessible as possible. We recognise that the experience of disability and accessibility is diverse and unique to individuals and that performers and audience members still face barriers to access.

We strive to remove as many of these as possible. We understand that we won’t always get it right, and we always love to receive feedback about how we can improve as well as what we did well. 

For any questions or further information, please get in touch with

Will there be drinking water available?

There will be a water bottle refill station, so be sure to bring your reusable water bottle.

Can I bring my dog or pet?

Sure can, but please practice good ‘petiquette’. Pets should be kept on leash and suitably restrained as per Section 26 of the Domestic Animal Act. You are responsible for picking up after your pet.

What happens if I lose my child?

Upon arrival, please visit the City of Stonnington's information marquee to collect a temporary wristband to write your mobile number on and fix to your child's wrist. This contact number will help our event staff reunite you and your child if, in the unlikely scenario that your child gets lost. Children should not be left unsupervised at any time.

Can I set up a stall or sell at the event?

Neither stallholders nor hawkers are permitted at the event. If you are interested in having a stall at any future Council events, please register your interest on the website. Stallholders are engaged approximately three months prior to each event.

How can I share on social media?

If you're sharing on social media, use the hashtag #petsinthepark and tag @whatsonstonnington to be featured on our socials. We will be running a social media giveaway at the event for your chance to win a $200 Petstock voucher. Don't miss it!

Who do I contact for media enquiries?

For media or photo opportunities, please get in touch with the Communications and Media Unit at City of Stonnington on 03 8290 1161 or

Special thanks to our partners Kay & Burton and Superstar Pet Competition sponsors Petstock and Ovolo Hotels


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