A resident, group of residents, community group or other community members can lodge a petition to Council.

Please note: A petition cannot be used to object to a planning application.

Download a Petition template(DOC, 31KB) 

Preparing a petition

There are certain criteria that need to be met for a document to be considered a petition.  A petition must:

  • be in writing (on paper)
  • be the original document (no copies)
  • be legible
  • be in English (or accompanied by a certified translation with the translator's details)
  • not have letters, affidavits or other documents attached
  • not contain any alterations within the text of the petition
  • be written in respectful, courteous and moderate language
  • clearly identify the proposer of the petition (to enable Council to acknowledge the petition and seek further details on the matter). 

All signatures must:

  • appear on the page bearing the terms of the petition
  • not be copied or transferred onto the petition, or be on the blank reverse of the page containing the terms of the petition
  • be made by the person in their own handwriting (with legible details of the person's name and address)
  • have the signatory's name in the name details (not the name of a company or business)

Please note: If a person is unable to sign they may make their mark in front of a witness. The witness must sign and provide their details and the petitioning person's details.

Tabling a petition 

Before tabling a petition at a Council meeting, the Councillor receiving the petition must endorse each page as meeting the petition rules.

If the petition does not meet the requirements it will be tabled as a joint-signature letter only.

If the petition meets requirements it will tabled at the next Council meeting. The Councillor tabling the petition will advise the purpose of the petition and the number of signatures.

The petition will not be discussed at the Council meeting - it will be referred to the appropriate Council department for action.

The time taken to respond to a petition depends on the nature and content of the petition.