Windsor Siding master plan

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In September 2015, Council adopted the Windsor Siding Reserve master plan that will introduce new and improved facilities at this popular Windsor park.

Implementation of the master plan was planned in six stages with construction budgeted over several financial years.

The first stage of construction started in mid-2016 and subsequent stages have been rolled out progressively since then.  It is anticipated all stages of the master plan implementation will be completed the end of 2023.  


2023 Stage 4 construction - path connection to Windsor Train Station  
2023 BMX track upgrade - construction 
late-2022  BMX track - final design announced 
August/September 2021  BMX track upgrade - consultation on draft design 
June to late-2020  Stage 6 construction - new play equipment, garden beds, tree planting, fence, extended lawn, park furniture, seating.
October to December 2019  Stage 5 construction - extended lawn area, pathway connection to Union Street, lighting, park furniture, barbecue, trees and garden bed planting, boom gate.
late-2018 to January 2019 Stage 3 construction - extended lawn area, pathway connection Peel Street, lighting, garden beds, trees, park furniture
June 2018 Stage 3 concept design - community consultation
June to September 2017 Stage 2 construction - new central picnic area, shelter, seating, drinking fountain, lighting, barbecue, path improvements.
May to July 2016 Stage 1 construction - relocating BMX track, lighting, seating, pathways, irrigation, turf.
September 2015 Council adopt Windsor Siding Reserve master plan
January to May 2015 Community consultation to inform master plan development

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The Windsor Siding master plan was adopted by Council in September 2015, following extensive community engagement to inform its development.

Subsequent to the master plan adoption, community consultation has occurred to refine draft concept designs at various stages of the implementation.

View the consultation timeline on the Connect Stonnington Windsor Siding engagement hub. 





Master plan implementation

Upcoming works

 Project BMX track upgrade 

Final design announced late-2022

Visit Connect Stonnington for consultation update

Scope of works 

Reconfigure BMX track

New track surface (reddish brown asphalt)

New garden beds and landscaping

Tree planting

Supporting document 

  Final-BMX-track-design.pdf(PDF, 135KB)
View the design   

BMX_image 02.jpg    BMX_image 03.jpg

Future works


Stage 4 - Windsor Train Station connection

The final stage of the master plan implementation will deliver a safe and attractive connection between the reserve and the railway station, with:

  • Disability Discrimination Act 1992 compliant pathway
  • Improved sight lines to and from the reserve
  • New lighting to provide a well-lit pathway for night time commuters
  • New seating to encourage use of the area and passive surveillance
  • Landscaping


Please note: existing vegetation will be retained where possible.

We are currently working with Metro Trains Melbourne and the Department of Transport to finalise the design.

Construction is planned during the 2021/22 financial year and site signage will be provided to inform the public ahead of works commencing.

Supporting document  Windsor Station connection - draft design(PDF, 3MB)

Completed works

Project  Stage 6 construction
Status  Completed mid-2020
Scope of works 

Remove existing playground

Install new play equipment including nature play elements

New fence

New garden beds and additional tree planting

Supporting documents   

Stage 5 construction
Status  Completed mid-2019
Scope of works 

Extended lawn area

Path connection to Union Street

New lighting

New park furniture and seating

Native trees and garden bed planting

New barbecue

New boom gate

Project   Stage 3 construction
Status   Completed early-2019
Scope of works 

Extended lawn area

New concrete path connection to Peel Street

New pedestrian lighting

New garden beds and tree planting

Park furniture

Project   Stage 2 construction
Status  Complete late-2017 
Scope of works 

New central picnic area



Drinking fountain



Improve path network

Project  Stage 1 construction
Status  Complete mid-2016  
Scope of works 

Construct east-west concrete path connecting to Windsor Train Station

Construct secondary path

Install pedestrian lighting

Construct lawn areas

New garden bed and tree planting

Construct battered slopes

Park furniture

Demolish and relocate BMX track

Staging plan

Download Windsor Siding master plan implementation stages(PDF, 1MB)

Stage  Deliverables Status 
1 BMX track relocation - pathways - lighting - lawn areas - irrigation - garden beds - tree planting - park furniture Complete 
New central picnic area - shelter - easing - drinking fountain - lighting - barbecue - path network. Complete 
Expanded lawn area - path connection from Peel Street - lighting - garden beds - tree planting - park furniture   Complete
Windsor Train Station connection  Planned
Expanded lawn area - path connection to Union Street - lighting - park furniture - native trees - garden bed planting - barbecue  Complete
New playground - fencing - garden beds - tree planting  Complete


























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