Stonnington Service Standards

We take pride in supporting our community and helping to ensure our residents can access our services quickly and easily. Our Stonnington Service Standards are our commitment to delivering highly valued service experiences for our customers and community.

Our values

Our values are a part of who we are and how we act.

Work together

We know that working together means we get better results. We are a team, and together we achieve great things for our community.

Embrace change and new ideas

Finding better ways to do things and sometimes doing things that haven't been done before keeps us challenged, inspired and relevant.

Learn and grow

We encourage learning and create opportunities for people to grow and succeed for the benefit of our community.

Celebrate achievement

We work hard to achieve great outcomes, and we like how it feels when people stop to say, 'great job!' So we strive for excellence and celebrate our success.

Communication is key

We communicate in a respectful, transparent and inclusive manner. Being open and honest in our communications allows us to make better decisions.

Be accountable

We do things the right way for the right reasons. We are responsible and accountable for our work and how we do it.

Our commitment

We're committed to providing excellent customer service to ensure high customer satisfaction.

We will:

  • treat customers with courtesy and respect
  • listen to customers and understand things from their point of view
  • be responsive and provide timelines for regular updates, and follow through
  • be transparent, explain why decisions are made, why we have policies in place, and let customers know what process we will follow
  • be consistent, providing the same information and quality of service across all our channels
  • ensure privacy and confidentiality.

Download our Service Standards