Housing Strategy

We are preparing a new housing strategy.

This provides the framework to help us decide on future housing in the city.

We will think about:

  • how much new housing we need
  • what types of housing we need
  • where we should put new housing, and
  • other issues, like what framework we need.

The strategy will influence housing for current and future residents.

It must improve Stonnington's character and liveability.

It also plans to meet everyone's housing needs, including:

  • young people
  • families
  • older people, and
  • vulnerable communities.

Strategy development timeline

The strategy will happen over stages, including two rounds of community consultation.

Date Activity Status

Council looks at issues and opportunities. It examines:

  • population forecasts
  • development trends
  • local and state government policy, and
  • feedback from council officers, councillors and state government service providers.
Early to mid 2019

Stage 1 community engagement helps draft the strategy.

Activities include:

  • 'Shaping our Neighbourhoods' meeting
  • community panel
  • focus group discussions
  • online survey
  • pop-up information stalls, and
  • library drop-in sessions.

Over 600 people join in, and 1400 people visit the project website.

What we find is included in the draft strategy development.

Late 2019
Development of draft housing strategy. On-going

Council reviews its neighbourhood character precincts.

Findings will shape the draft housing strategy.

Review and update draft strategy.

2022 Draft housing strategy complete.  
Early 2023 Stage 2 community engagement on draft housing strategy.
2023 Final housing strategy adopted.




For more information, see the draft Housing Strategy or call the City Strategy team on 03 8290 1333.