Register for kindergarten

Registering with us allows you to:

  • submit one application for a single fee of $27
  • preference programs at multiple services
  • avoid contacting each service individually and paying individual registration fees.

This system is known as the Central Registration Scheme, or CRS.

Key information

If you would like your child to attend one of these services, you can register with us:

  • Windsor Community Children's Centre
  • Glen Education Serrell Street Kindergarten
  • Princes Close Early Years
  • Stonnington Children's Centre
  • Wattletree Early Childhood Centre

For a full list of kindergartens operating in Stonnington, refer to the Children's Services Directory.

Understand when to attend kindergarten

If your child is born 1 May 2018 to 30 April 2019, register for four-year old kinder in 2023.

If your child is born 1 May 2019 to 30 April 2020

  • register for three-year-old kinder in 2023
  • submit an expression of interest for four-year-old kinder in 2024.

If your child is born 1 May 2020 to 30 April 2021, submit an expression of interest for either three-year-old kinder in 2024 or four-year-old kinder in 2025.

For your child to attend school at the right time, they should either:

  • turn three by 30 April of the year they start a three-year-old kindergarten program
  • turn four by 30 April of the year they start a four-year-old kindergarten program.

If your child is born between 1 January to 30 April, you may have a choice for the year they start kindergarten as this impacts the year they start school.

An expression of interest allows us to contact you closer to the opening of registrations for your child's kinder year.

Decide your preferences for kindergarten

When you register, we will ask you about your preferences for kindergarten programs you would like your child to attend.

We recommend you visit the kindergarten providers before registering. You can attend open days or request a tour to talk about the programs they run.

Prepare your documents

1. Confirmation of your child's date of birth

We need or copy or extract of your child's Birth Certificate.

If you don't have your child's Birth Certificate, please provide one of the following:

  • a copy of their Passport
  • immunisation statement (MyGov)
  • Statutory Declaration verifying your child's date of birth to be true and correct.

2. Supporting documents

To help us understand your child's learning needs and if applicable, please provide either:

  • documents from Family Support Services or a Maternal and Child Health nurse confirming high support needs or disability
  • a letter from a doctor for complex medical needs.

To be given preference for local kindergartens, please provide:

  • proof of residence showing your family name and address - this residence must be your child's main residence
  • enrolment confirmation of other children at specific centres.

You can provide one of the following as proof of residence:

  • utilities bill
  • rental agreement
  • rates notice.

Submit your registration

Register for kindergarten

Receive updates

After you register online, you will receive an acknowledgement within 24 hours.

For registrations by post, please allow five working days for a letter to arrive at your address.

Council will send you information on the progress of your registration by email or phone.

Receive and decide whether to accept your offer

When you receive an email with an offer, you can:

  • accept the place within the offer period and enrol your child at that centre
  • change your preferences
  • withdraw your application as you have accepted a place at an alternative kindergarten.

Enrol at the Kindergarten

Once accepted for registration at a kindergarten, they will contact you for extra information about your child and to enrol.

This information may include dietary requirements, religious background and medical conditions.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

My child went there last year - are they guaranteed a place for next year?


The Stonnington Central Registration Scheme looks at allocations on a yearly basis, where you will need to submit a new application for each year your child is accessing kindergarten. All places are then allocated equitably based on DET's Priority of Access Guidelines in conjunction with our own Stonnington Local Criteria for CRS.

Whilst these criteria increase the overall weighting for children looking to access the same service for both three and four-year-old kindergarten, it cannot guarantee that this will occur as the DET Priority Guidelines must always be applied first.

What do I do if I don't get a place in any kindergarten I register for?

If you do not receive an offer to take up a place at any of your first three preferences, you may choose to update your preferences to other Programs or remain on the waitlist for your current preferences. Preferences can be for Programs at one or more early years’ services and can be updated multiple times.

Families may also choose to exit the Central Registration Scheme (CRS) waitlist to take up kindergarten placements at services outside of the CRS. Details can be found at children's services directory.

My child is born in January to April. Which year should they attend?

If your child is born between 1 January and 30 April, you may have a choice for the year they start kindergarten as this determines their age when they start school. It is recommended that you look at the age you would like your child to be when they start school and work backwards to determine when to start kindergarten.

It is important to understand that children can only access one year each of funded three and four-year-old kindergarten programs. This means you will not be able to repeat three-year-old kindergarten if you later decide your child is not yet ready.

Additionally, the National Quality Framework (NQF) has strict educator-to-child ratios that are required to be met for all Early Years' Services. For children who turn three years old between 1 January to 30 April in the year they commence three-year-old kindergarten, this may affect their starting date or fees associated with attendance.

You are encouraged to review the different programs at your preferred services before applying to confirm how this will affect your child's starting date. For example, your child may not be able to join the program until they have turned three.

When to start kindergarten will look different for all families, so you are encouraged to discuss your child's readiness for kindergarten with:

  • your Maternal and Child Health Nurse
  • the Preschool Field Officer
  • early childhood educators whose programs your child may already be engaged with, such as long day care.

What concessions are eligible to be able to register for free?

When registering with a kindergarten participating in the Central Registration Scheme (CRS), a one-time registration fee of $27 will apply per application.

The fee is non-refundable and helps cover the cost of Council administering the CRS.

The fee is waived for applications where the child:

  • is of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander background
  • is known to Child Protection or referred to Child FIRST from Child Protection
  • holds, or has a parent, carer or guardian who holds, a Humanitarian or Refugee Visa
  • is a multiple birth child (triplets or more)
  • holds, or has a parent who holds, a Commonwealth Health Care Card, Pensioner Concession Card or Veteran's Affairs Card.