Resident Parking Permit terms and conditions

Please read the following terms and conditions carefully to ensure you use your Resident Parking Permit correctly.

If your vehicle is parked contrary to these terms and conditions, you may be issued an infringement and/or your permit may be cancelled.

  1. A Resident Parking Permit allows residents and their visitors to park in Residential Permit Zones and overstay certain time restrictions. This is provided that the vehicle is parked as close as possible to the residence to which the permit is issued, and within the specified boundaries.
  2. A Resident Parking Permit may only be issued to residents where the property is their primary place of residence.
  3. A Resident Parking Permit must only to be used to attend or visit the residence to which they were issued. They may not be used at any other location or for any other purpose. Permits are issued by area for administrative purposes only.
  4. A Resident Parking Permit allows vehicles to overstay certain time limits and be parked in Residential Permit Zones but they do not apply at any time in the following areas.
    • Outside or adjacent non–residential or commercial premises, for example, any point at the front, back or sides of the building (the ground floor purpose of the building determines its commercial status).
    • Primary/main roads, unless otherwise signed.
    • Off-street car parks.
    • Ticketed parking areas.
    • Parking zones of 30 minutes or less.
    • Clearways, No Stopping, Loading Zones, Truck Zones, and where No Parking signs are displayed.
  5. A Resident Parking Permit must be displayed in accordance with the permit requirements.
  6. A Resident Parking Permit is invalid if used for business or commercial purposes, or to park close to business premises, places of work or public transport departure points. Parking in these areas constitutes misuse of the permit.
  7. A Resident Parking Permit is designed for passenger vehicles or motorcycles only. Permits are not valid for:
    • traders or commercial business operators
    • vehicles considered by Council to be designed for commercial use or constructed for carrying loads with a capacity in excess of 1,200 kilograms (e.g. utilities, trucks, trays and vans)
    • vehicles more than six metres in length
    • prime movers
    • trailers
    • boats
    • caravans
    • unregistered vehicles.
  8. A Resident Parking Permit must not be transferred or sold to another person, or duplicated in any way.
  9. A Resident Parking Permit must be replaced if faded or illegible. A replacement permit will be issued on return of the original permit to Council. Lost permits may be replaced at the discretion of Council upon the receipt of a statutory declaration and the applicable fee.
  10. A Resident Parking Permit is issued at the absolute discretion of Council and the issue of a Resident Parking Permit does not guarantee the availability of a parking space in your street of residence.
  11. The use of parking spaces may be suspended by the members of Victoria Police or by authorised Council officers where emergency situations arise. Permit holders must produce their permit for inspection at the request of an authorised Council officer or member of Victoria Police.
  12. A Resident Parking Permit is the responsibility of the person to whom it was issued. Other members of, or visitors to the residence may also use Variable Permits. However, the permit holder is responsible for ensuring that other users are aware of, and adhere to, the conditions of use of Variable Permits.
  13. New residential developments where the number of dwellings on the site is increased by more than one, will be excluded from the Resident Parking Permit Scheme. Where a property is excluded from the Resident Parking Permit Scheme, no resident will be permitted to obtain any parking permits.

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