Freedom of Information

Under the Freedom of Information Act, individuals have the right to access particular documents from Council.

Documents we hold and how to locate them

The following provides a snapshot of the types of documents the City of Stonnington holds and how to locate them.

This information will help you lodge an FOI request for documents held by the City and is provided in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act 1982.

We also make information public via our website and in print.

For more information, visit the Office of the Victorian Information Commissioner's website.

Categories of documents

The City of Stonnington creates a large number of documents and records in the course of its work and uses an electronic document and records management system to store, access and manage a broad range of electronic and hard copy documents.

The types of documents held includes:

  • Policies, procedures and plans
  • Reports
  • CCTV footage
  • General correspondence
  • Meeting minutes
  • Financial records
  • Photographs

On our website you can find Council meeting Minutes and Agendas

Documents for inspection

The City of Stonnington makes a number of documents available for public inspection.

In accordance with Clause 12 of the Local Government (General) Regulations 2015 the following documents are available for public inspection or copies of the documents can be obtained in accordance with section 222 of the Local Government Act 1989 (the Act) at the Stonnington City Centre, 311 Glenferrie Road, Malvern if they are not published on the Council website:

(a) a document containing details of overseas or interstate travel (with exceptions) undertaken in an official capacity by any Councillor or any member of Council staff in the previous 12 months, including the names of the Councillors, or member of Council staff and the dates on which the travel began and ended, destination, purpose and total cost of the overseas or interstate travel, including accommodation costs;

(b) agendas for, and minutes of, ordinary and special meetings held in the previous 12 months kept under section 93 of the Act, other than those agendas and minutes relating to a part of a meeting which was closed to members of the public under section 89 of the Act and are confidential information within the meaning of section 77(2) of the Act (Note; Council does place its Minutes and agendas on its website)

(c) Minutes of meetings of special committees established under section 86 of the Act and held in the previous 12 months, other than those minutes relating to a part of a meetings which was closed to members of the public under section 89 of the Act; and are confidential information within the meaning of section 77(2) of the Act. (Note: Council does place its Minutes and agendas on its website for the IMAP Committee)

(d) a register of delegations kept under sections 87(1), and 98(4) of the Act, including the dates on which the last review under sections 86(6) and98(6) of the Act took place;

(e) A document containing details of all leases involving land which were entered into by the Council as lessor, including the lessee and the terms and the value of the lease;

(f) a register maintained under section 224(1A) of the Act of authorised officers appointed under this section; and

(g) a list of donations and grants made by the Council during the previous twelve months, including the names of persons who, or bodies which, have received a donation or grant and the amount of each donation or grant.

In accordance with Section 222 of the Local Government Act 1989, inspection of any of these documents can be arranged by contacting the Civic Support Officer on 8290 1333. Fees may apply.

Note: The Act provides that an amount higher than $100,000 may be fixed by Order in Council made under section 186(1) of the Act. Order in Council made 5 August 2008 increased the public tender threshold for local government for (1) goods and services to $150,000; and (2) carrying out of works to $200,000. 

Policies and procedures

Policies and procedures are in place to govern the daily operations of Council.

Types of information includes:

  • Policies about heritage guidelines, trees and public facilities
  • Planning and development documents
  • Procedure and governance materials.

If you are searching for a specific topic, you can search this website.

Report literature

View Annual Reports

View current Planning Applications (including plans and reports)

Request document inspection

All requests to inspect a document must be made in writing:

Inspecting documents

Access may be given to documents to inspect, photocopy, view images, listen to audio and view written transcript. 

Access may be denied where the request infringes copyright, document preservation or cause unreasonable interference with Council operations.


 Service Cost
 Application fee (paid on submission of application) $29.60 
 Photocopying (per A4 page)  $0.20 
 Search fee $22.21 per hour 
 Supervised inspection (per 15 minutes) $5.55 

Additional fees may be charged for making a written transcript of a recording, listening to a recording or providing access in an alternate form.

If the fee exceeds $50 we will contact you for approval to proceed and a deposit will be required.

Please note: Fees may be reduced or waived if deemed to cause hardship. To waive or reduce fees evidence much be provided (current healthcare or pension card, income details).