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Council policies forms part of the City of Stonnington's decision-making framework and provide guidance on a range of issues.

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The City of Stonnington (Council) is committed to providing high quality customer service when the public call our Customer Service team. Call recording is used to coach, instruct and train call centre staff to ensure we continuously improve the way we handle enquiries. During calls, Council may collect your name, address, contact details and the reasons for your call (Personal Information) if you choose to share these details with us.

Council will use the Personal Information collected to communicate with you about your enquiry, improve customer service, train team members, refer you to another team within Council for assistance and to provide a timely resolution to your query. Council will disclose your Personal Information to a contractor engaged to assess how well we are delivering on our Service Promises. If you do not want your call to be recorded, you are welcome to deal with us on an anonymous basis. Call Centre staff will pause the call recording upon request.

If you choose to provide Personal Information to us, then you may access or alter any of the Personal Information by contacting Council’s Privacy Officer on 03 8290 1333 or at

For more information about how Council handles Personal Information, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

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