Local history publications

Stonnington Thematic Environmental History

'Stonnington Thematic Environmental History' is a history of the local area from Indigenous times to the present day. The book and interactive CD are available for purchase and may also be viewed at Stonnington libraries. The eBook is available in sections below to download free of charge.

Histories of the former City of Malvern

Histories of the former City of Prahran

The following Prahran municipal history titles can be viewed on our catalogue:

Walking tours

Stonnington heritage markers booklet

'A place in history' is a guide to the heritage markers in the City of Stonnington, and includes a map showing the location of the markers up to 2003 (more markers have since been installed).

Children's picture book

'Back When' is a children's book by Jane Nigro, featuring historical photos from the Stonnington History Centre.

Free local history publications

Copies may be available from Stonnington libraries, the Stonnington History Centre or the PMI Victorian History Library.

  • 'Amazing History, Amazing Stonnington' by Jane Nigro (children’s puzzle book).
  • 'Back When' by Jane Nigro (children’s picture book).
  • 'Chapel Street, Part I: 1834-1918' by Betty Malone.
  • 'Chapel Street, Part II: 1919-1984' by Betty Malone.
  • 'Greetings from Malvern' by Di Foster and Jane Nigro. All 38 photographs in this book can be viewed online on Flickr.
  • 'The Literature of Malvern Victoria: A Bibliography' by Ian McLaren.
  • 'Select your Partners' by Phil Leggett (a history of Leggett's ballroom).

Local history publications for sale

The following publications may be available for purchase from Stonnington libraries and select bookshops, with some also available from the PMI Victorian History Library. Copies are also available for loan from Stonnington libraries.

  • 'Discovering Prahran Areas 2-8' by Betty Malone. Area 1 is out of print. Area 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8 ($5 each).
  • 'The History of Prahran, 1836-1924' by J.B. Cooper ($10).
  • 'The History of Prahran Volume II, 1925-1990' (includes supplement) by Sally Wilde ($10).
  • 'Prahran and the Dismal Swamp: Uncovering the natural settlement and disease ecologies of a suburb' by Natasha Szuhan ($5).
  • 'The Pride of Prahran: A history of the Prahran Library 1860-2010' by Stella M. Barber ($10).
  • 'Private and Public Memory: A history of the City of Malvern' by Lynne Strahan, and The History of Malvern: A supplement 1988-1994 by Alleyn Best ($10).
  • 'Stonnington Thematic Environmental History' by David Helms and the City of Stonnington (book, $20, CD $10).
  • 'Suburbs at War: The Cities of Malvern and Prahran during the Great War' by Helen Doyle (2015). This richly illustrated history was commissioned by the City of Stonnington to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the First World War. ($29.95).
  • 'Walk into History 1-4': Six more great walks in Stonnington by Di Foster and Steve Stefanopoulos ($5).

Local history publications that are out of print

  • 'Across the slate: Prahran's schools, 1850s-1985' by Jane Chatham
  • 'Bonds of care: Elizabeth Fry Retreat and its founders' by Betty Malone
  • 'Church, community and change: religion in Prahran 1836-1984' by Jill McDougall
  • 'Discovering Prahran Area 1' by Betty Malone
  • 'Early Prahran, 1850-1863' by Betty Malone
  • 'Pioneer and hardy survivor: the Prahran Mechanic's since 1854' by L. B. McCalman
  • 'Policeman's paradise' by Peter Aldred, Charles Cox and Ralph Stavely
  • 'Prahran's pubs, 1852 to 1988' by Betty Malone
  • 'A record of Rose Street' by Marion Dadswell
  • 'Talking stories: narratives by women' in Malvern by Lotte Waters
  • 'Toorak as I knew it (1900-1930)' by James Paxton