Glow Winter Arts Festival

Glow lighting display at night


Now in its eighth year, the multi-disciplinary Glow Winter Arts Festival illuminates historic Central Park and the newly added location of Prahran Square, with specially commissioned immersive light works.

Visitors of all ages are invited to enjoy luminous evenings set to take them on a spectacular journey through large-scale installations and interactive experiences that ignite the imagination from twilight until after dark.

Each year, the Glow Winter Arts Festival presents a program to spark conversation and ignite curiosity after dark. Prepare to be immersed in bursts of light, colour and art in Stonnington’s beautiful green spaces and iconic cultural venues. Working with movement, sound and light, the art displays brought locals and visitors together to enjoy this free creative art experience.

This year's Glow Winter Arts Festival 2022 starts at Prahran Square from 3 to 12 June, showcasing site-specific new work urban forest. It then continues at Central Park, from 16 to 19 June, where you can experience a series of newly commissioned installations and feature artworks.

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