Apply for a building permit

How do I apply?

Under State legislation, you need a building permit before you can start most building work.

This includes:

  • new building
  • demolition
  • alteration.

If you're unsure whether a permit is required for your works, visit our Do I need a building permit? page.

To apply, complete the building permit application form(DOC, 1MB)

You will need to include the following documents in your application:

  • a site plan, including a north point, allotment dimensions, nearest street/intersection, any easements, position of building(s) on site, levels and stormwater layout.
  • three copies of design documents. Plans must be to scale (in the case of alterations and additions, make sure the existing site conditions and new work are clearly differentiated) and where relevant, a building floor plan (each floor level; external and sectional elevations; and details of any footings and framing members).
  • Evidence of suitability that a material or design meets its performance requirement or deemed to satisfy provision.
  • A copy of the Certificate of Title with evidence of ownership.
  • Project specifications.
  • Any structural drawings and computations.
  • If applicable, relevant town planning permit and endorsed plans.
  • The applicable application fee (see below).

If we need additional information such as a soil report or re-establishment survey, we'll contact you to let you know what you still need to provide.

Make changes to an existing permit

You can apply for a variation of the building permit(DOC, 2MB) issued by the Municipal Building Surveyor. You can use the same application form to apply for an extension of time for an existing permit.

Building permit fees

Below is a schedule of fees for applications to the Municipal Building Surveyor (Council’s own building surveyor), as well as fees for lodgement, plan searches, consent and report, property information and stormwater discharge points.

Building Permit/Application Type Fees 
Building Permit Application Fee (inc GST)
Minimum Fee $969.70
Commercial Building  
Minimum fee (cost of works up to $20,000) $2,369.70
Minimum fee (cost of works up to $100,000) $3,625.50
 Minimum fee ( cost of works over $100,000) $4,113.70
Minimum fee $1,859.70
Additional storey $1,013.40
Dwelling Additions   
Minimum fee (costs of works up to $10,000) $891.10
Minimum fee (costs of works $10,000 to $50,000) $1,896.90
Minimum fee (costs of works over $50,000) $2,176.40
Minimum fee (new dwellings)  $3,667.00
Minimum fee $923.90
Occupancy Permits (includes Division 2)  
Class 1 $573.30
Other Classes $900.90
Places of Public Entertainment (minimum) $1,633.70
Subdivision of Existing Building Report $2,048.60
Building Permit Lodgement  
Building Permit Lodgement Fee $130.85
Lapsed Building Permit Final Inspection
Lapsed Building Permit Final Inspection Fee $559.10
Plan Search  
Search fee for permit or certificate search $50.70
Search fee for design detail (dwelling)  $200.00
 Search fee for design details ( townhouses) $295.00
Search fee for design detail (multi-unit/commercial) 


Designs Requiring Consent Under Parts 5, 6, 8 & 10 $311.80
Designs Requiring Consent Under Regulation 116 $316.40
Designs Requiring Consent Under Regulation 130 (Building Over an Easement) $456.50
 Report and Consent Advertising fees $225.00
Plus additional (if required)  
  •  Section 173 costs
$2,800.00 subject to change
Property Information  
Flooding / Certificates - Regulation 51 $50.70
Priority same day service fee per request $135.00
 Stormwater Point of Discharge - Regulation 133 $155.30

All fees include GST. Private building surveyors set their own fees.

Levy and lodgement fee

As per the Building Act, you must pay the levy and lodgement fee before any building permit can be issued.

Levy fees

The levy is collected by the relevant building surveyor, who sends it to the Victorian Building Authority.

See the Victorian Building Authority page on the building permit levy.

Lodgement fees

A lodgement fee applies to all building permits.

See the Victorian Building Authority's information on building fees.

Note that the lodgement fee you pay is the amount required at the time you apply for a building permit to the relevant building surveyor, not the amount required when the decision is made (which may be different).

For a specific quote from the office of the Municipal Building Surveyor, please call 03 8290 3525.