VicSmart planning applications

VicSmart is a fast-track planning permit process for straightforward applications.

Key features of VicSmart include:

  • applications are decided within 10 business days
  • applications are not advertised to nearby properties
  • Council has pre-set requirements for what we can consider.

Eligibility for VicSmart

  • The proposal must be a VicSmart application type
  • The permit issued must not breach a restrictive covenant
  • If the application needs approval from a referral authority, you must get this before applying. For example, if the property is in a Special Building Overlay, you must get pre-approval from the relevant water authority.

Find overlays affecting your property

Vicsmart application types

VicSmart application types include: 

  • minor buildings and works to ‘non-contributory’ graded buildings in a Heritage Overlay
  • front fences, outbuildings, and solar panels in a Heritage Overlay
  • minor extensions (complying with specific criteria)
  • single tree removal and lopping
  • small advertising signs
  • minor subdivisions.

To find out if you’re eligible, visit VicSmart permits or talk to a Council planning officer on 03 8290 3329.

Include the right information

To assess your application within 10 business days, we need you to submit all required information when applying.

Find out which information you need with the VicSmart checklists. The checklists summarise the information requirements for each type of application.

VicSmart checklists(PDF, 934KB) 

How to apply

If you are ready to apply:

  1. Make sure you have all required documentation
  2. Apply online for a planning permit
  3. Select ‘VicSmart’ when prompted in the application
  4. Pay the application fee when applying, or select 'pay later' and receive an emailed invoice.

Apply now

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