Applying for a planning permit

Find out how to understand your planning requirements, prepare your application and seek advice.

To find out if you need a planning permit, visit do I need a planning permit?

How to apply

Understand your requirements

It is important to confirm planning requirements to understand what you're applying for.

To check your requirements:

If you need advice before applying

To seek advice from Council on:

  • major developments or complex land use proposals - arrange a pre-application meeting
  • simple projects in a Heritage Overlay, where heritage is the only planning consideration - call us to book a meeting with our heritage advisor
  • all other enquiries - talk to a planner by phone or in person at the Stonnington City Centre.

To get your permit requirements in writing, apply for a planning information request.

We recommend using a planning and design professional to make the process easier. 

Gather and prepare documents

All applications need:

  • A completed application form.
  • A recent Copy of Title including details of any covenants or restrictions. The title must be searched within 30 days of applying. You can order a title from land data.
  • A written summary of your planned use or development.
  • Plans.
  • Payment of the application fee.

PLUS any additional documents for your type of proposed changes.

Apply for your permit

To apply, create an online account and follow the prompts to supply all required information and pay the application fee.

Applying online allows you to:

  • upload your documents quickly
  • change or update your application
  • track progress at anytime
  • save time, paper, and money.

Apply now

Hard copy applications can be made in person at the Planning counter at 311 Glenferrie Rd Malvern or mailed to PO Box 58 Malvern, VIC 3144. Contact us for a hard copy form.

We assess your application

A planner will review your application to confirm all required information. If anything is missing, we’ll contact you within 28 days. Once we receive all information, the planner will confirm any community consultation and referrals.

The standard assessment timeframe is 60 days once all information is received.

You can change your plans during the assessment process. Fees may apply.

Learn more about how we assess planning applications.

We make a decision

A permit decision will be one of the following outcomes:

  • Planning Permit (supported, no objections)
  • Notice of Decision (supported, with objections)
  • Refusal (not supported, with or without objections).

You'll receive an email with the decision and the officer’s report.

Next steps