Do I need a planning permit?

You might need a planning permit to develop or change land use in Stonnington. Permit requirements vary, depending on the proposed changes, the zone, and any overlays applying to the property. Find your zone and overlays.

Check if you need a planning permit

Follow the links to find out:

  • when you need a permit 
  • documents to supply when applying.

You can also learn about your type of work at Get started: Residential permit requirements

If you need advice before applying

Complex and major developments

Major developments or complex land use proposals - arrange a pre-application meeting with a Council planner

We recommend using a planning and design professional to make the process easier.

Heritage advice

Simple projects in a Heritage Overlay, where heritage is the only planning consideration - call 03 8290 3329 to book a meeting with our heritage advisor.

Other enquiries

Speak to a planner at the Stonnington City Centre, 311 Glenferrie Road, Malvern or call us on 03 8290 3329.

To get your permit requirements in writing, apply for a planning information request.

Faster 10-day permit processing

If you have a simple planning application, you may qualify for a streamlined 10-day permit process called VicSmart.

VicSmart planning applications include:

  • minor buildings and works to ‘non-contributory’ graded buildings in a Heritage Overlay
  • front fences, outbuildings, and solar panels in a Heritage Overlay
  • minor extensions (complying with specific criteria)
  • single tree removal and lopping
  • small signage
  • minor subdivisions
  • buildings and works in a Special Building Overlay, where Melbourne Water has given written consent within the past 3 months.

Learn more about VicSmart

Building permits

Some works may need both a building permit and a planning permit. A building permit relates to construction only, not what the land is used for. These are separate permits, with a planning permit generally issued first. Check if you need a building permit.

Contact us

If you have any questions, contact the planning department on 03 8290 3329.

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