Pet registration fees

You can apply for a reduced fee if you provide proof of the following:

  • your cat or dog is desexed (before 10 October or within 6 months of initial registration)
  • your cat or dog is more than 10 years of age
  • your cat or dog is adopted from a registered welfare organisation (full fees will apply the following registration period)
  • your cat or dog is part of a Domestic Animal Business or applicable organisation
  • your dog is a guide, hearing or assistance dog (free)
  • your dog is trained by an approved obedience trainer
  • you have a current Commonwealth Pensioner Concession Card or Department of Veteran Affairs Pensioner Concession Card.

If you register your cat or dog after 10 October, the pro rata fee will apply.

Register your pet online

Fee type Dog Cat
Full fee $210 $134 
Reduced fee $68.65  $43.55 
Reduce fee - pro rata $34.30  $21.50 
Concession - full $104  $67
Concession - reduced $34.30 $21.50 
Concession - pro rata $17.50  $11
Adopted pets (initial registration only) $5 $5
Guide, hearing and assistance dogs Free n/a
Dangerous dog $367 n/a
Menacing dog $315 n/a

If your pet is adopted from a registered welfare organisation, your initial registration fee is $5. Full fees will apply for the following registration period (unless reduced or concession fees apply).

For more information on dangerous and menacing dogs, visit Agriculture Victoria.