Hard waste collection

Hard waste collection service

Two citywide hard waste collection services are scheduled each year, in spring and autumn. Collections are not available at other times of the year.

A brochure, with the collection date and information on items that will be collected, is delivered to all households at least two weeks before their designated collection date.

You can also call our Customer Services team on 03 8290 1333 to find out when your collection date is.

Collection service for large apartment buildings and non-residential properties

If you live in a large apartment building on a main road or with limited space on the nature strip, or your property is non-residential or a business - you will need to book your collection through our service provider, WM Waste via online booking form of by calling 03 9721 1915. Please note that bookings are only available during the designated collection periods in spring and autumn, and not at other times of the year.

Information on how to book a collection is also provided in the flyer that will be delivered to your property ahead of the spring and autumn hard waste collections.

If you need to dispose of items at other times of the year that are not suitable for donation, you can check whether they are accepted at the Waste Transfer Station. Alternatively, you will need to organise a private skip.

Put throwing out last

Before disposing of household items through the hard waste collection, take a moment to consider whether items still work or could be used by others.

Many recycling groups and organisations are happy to take items in working condition, such as Op shops, Freecycle, Ziilch, Facebook marketplace, or Gumtree.

Mattresses and green waste do mix

Don't be alarmed if you see mattresses and garden waste being collected by the same truck. Once collected, all mattresses and green waste are sent to a sorting facility they are separated and recycled appropriately.

Preparing for collection day

As you put items out for collection, remember:

  • Individual items must weigh less than 20 kilograms
  • All items must be shorter than 1.5 metres (mattresses excepted)
  • We collect a total of five cubic metres of hard waste per household
  • Please place mattresses separately, and do not stack anything on top of them

What can go out for collection

We collect the following hard waste items which should be stacked in separate piles.

Items Examples Where it goes
Green waste (bundled) Sticks, tree branches We recycle it
Scrap metal Metal drums, car parts, white goods, hot water units

We recycle it
Hard waste Clothes, pottery, broken mirrors
We dispose of it
Electronics TVs, computers, printers, hard drives We recycle it

Mattresses Place separately, do not stack items on top of mattresses We recycle it

What can't go out for collection

We do not collect:

  • renovation or building materials
  • gas bottles
  • passenger car, 4WD or truck tyres
  • household garbage
  • recyclables
  • car bodies or engine blocks
  • hazardous materials
  • asbestos
  • motor oil, liquid waste or pesticides
  • chemicals, pharmaceuticals
  • paint
  • fire extinguishers
  • car batteries, or
  • household batteries (these can go to any Stonnington library, service centre, aquatic centre or Waste Transfer Station).

Where do these go?

Visit Planet Ark or call 1300 733 712.

Important information

  • Items must not be placed out for collection any earlier than two days before your designated collection date.
  • Waste put out late will not be collected. You'll need to remove it from the nature strip to avoid a fine.
  • Any footpath must be clear of waste at all times with suitable access for wheelchairs, prams, etc.
  • Don't park your vehicle in front of the waste on collection day.
  • To ensure we recycle as much as possible, items may be removed by more than one vehicle during collection day.
  • Mattresses and green waste may be collected by the same truck, but are sent to a sorting facility for separation and recycling.
  • If you live in an apartment building without access to a nature strip, please contact your body corporate to arrange a collection for you.

Please note: All hard waste is to be collected by the city's authorised collection service. It's an offence to interfere with it.

Still got hard waste?

You can drop most items off at our Waste Transfer Station before the next hard waste collection date (you may have to pay a fee).

For more information, visit the Waste Transfer Station or call 03 8290 1333.