Hard waste collection


Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the Spring Hard Waste collection scheduled to start on 1 September was delayed.

The revised start date for the collection is 5 October.  The collection will take approximately six weeks to complete, with the city broken up into three collection zones (each taking around two weeks to complete). 

A flyer detailing what will be collected and when to put hard waste out for collection will be delivered before the collection date for your property. The date on the flyer indicates the date you must have your hard waste out for collection. The hard waste will be collected within two to three weeks of this date.

We run a twice yearly hard waste collection, in Spring and Autumn.

You can find when your next hard waste collection is due by entering your address in the My Area module.

Find hard waste collection date

We also deliver brochures to all households at least two week before the collection date, or you can call our Customer Services team on 8290 1333.

Before putting your hard waste out for collection, please consider if any items are in working order or could be reused by others. There are many recycling groups and organisations who would be happy to accept items in working condition.

Visit these website to find out more: Op shops | Freecycle | Ziilch

Getting ready for collection day

When placing items out for collection please remember:

  • Individual items must weigh no more than 20 kilograms.
  • All items must not be longer than 1.5 metres (mattresses excepted).
  • A maximum 5 cubic metres of total waste per household will be collected.

What can go out for collection

There are four types of waste that we collect through the hard waste collection service.

To make the job of our collection team easier, we appreciate your support by stacking the items in four separate piles:

Items Examples Where it goes
Green waste (bundled) We recycle it
Scrap metal Metal drums, paint tins, car parts, white goods

We recycle it
Hard waste Clothes, mattresses, pottery, broken mirrors
We dispose of it
Electronics TVs, computers, printers, hard drives We recycle it

What can't go out for collection

Here are a list of items that can not be disposed of through our Hard Waste collection service: 

  • renovation or building materials
  • gas bottles
  • passenger car, 4WD or truck tyres
  • household garbage
  • recyclables
  • car bodies or engine blocks
  • hazardous materials
  • asbestos
  • motor oil, liquid waste or pesticides
  • chemicals, pharmaceuticals
  • paint
  • car batteries
  • household batteries

Where to get rid of these items

To find out where you can dispose of these items, visit the Planet Ark website or call 1300 733 712   

Please note: you can drop off household batteries at any Stonnington library, service centre, aquatic centre or at the Waste Transfer Station.

Important information

  • Items must not be placed out for collection any earlier than the weekend prior to your collection date.
  • Any waste placed out late will not be collected. You will need to remove it from the nature strip to avoid a fine.
  • Any footpath must be clear of waste at all times with suitable access for wheelchairs, prams, etc.
  • Avoid parking your vehicle in front of the waste on collection day.
  • To maximise recycling opportunities, your items will be removed by more than one vehicles during your collection day.
  • Mattresses are removed by a different truck after other items have been taken. 

Please note: It is an offence to interfere with the collection of hard waste. All materials placed out are intended for Council's authorised collectors.

Need to dispose of items before the next collection?

If you need to recycle or dispose of an item before the next hard waste collection date, our Waste Transfer Station accepts most items (fees may apply). 

For more information view the Waste Transfer Station page or call 8290 1333.