Rewilding Stonnington

Indigenous plants

Rewilding Stonnington is a local group dedicated to reintroducing indigenous and endemic plants to Stonnington, and to raise public awareness and connect with the pre-colonial heritage of our local Council area.

We rewild nature strips and pocket parks with indigenous species and advocate for the inclusion of indigenous plantings in other public spaces to boost biodiversity, reduce the heat island effect and build community. 

Our goal in rewilding is to:

  • boost biodiversity
  • attract pollinators
  • reduce the urban heat island effect
  • reduce stormwater runoff
  • add interest and diversity to the landscape
  • improve mental and physical health
  • reduce noise pollution from lawn mowers
  • reduce the need for artificial fertilisers and weed killers
  • improve our biophilic connection to nature
  • respect and advocate for Aboriginal ways of caring for country, in consultation with local Traditional Owners.