Community grants

Council provides help to eligible not-for-profit or charitable organisations to implement Stonnington-based programs that aim to meet the needs of the Stonnington community. Council's help consists of a cash grant and in-kind support (fee waivers on the use of Council facilities and community bus service).

The application period for Community Capacity Building Grants and Partnership Grants are closed. Quick Response Grants will open from 1 August 2024.

Grant objectives

Our Community Grants program supports local projects that meet the following objectives and priorities articulated in the Council Plan and other key strategic and policy documents, including:

  • Improve community health, well-being and safety.
  • Enhance social connections.
  • Promote accessibility and inclusiveness.
  • Advance social cohesion and reconciliation.
  • Actively promote environmental sustainability.

For more details, view the Community Grants Policy(PDF, 339KB).

How to apply

Register online

Register online at SmartyGrants and preview a copy of the application form and requirements.

Your organisation must register if it does not have a Smarty Grants account.

Read the eligibility criteria

Make sure you are eligible to apply for the grant and have met all the required criteria.

Understand the different types of grants

The type of grant your organisation applies for will depend on the proposed project or program, including the issue you want to address.

Read the Grant Guidelines carefully. Community Capacity Building Grants can provide project funding and in-kind support, where in-kind support is for use of a venue or community transport.

Go to a grant writing workshop and free information sessions

Attend a free grant writing workshop or free information session to learn more about the grant application process.

There are currently no upcoming sessions.

Book your venue and transport services

If your program uses Council venues or community transport services (In-Kind Grant), you must book your venue or transport service before sending your application.

Attach your booking confirmation to your online application.

Gather information

  • Australian Business Number (ABN)
  • Certificate of Incorporation or evidence of legislative provisions for charitable purposes
  • Current Certificate of Currency – Public Liability Insurance
  • Annual operating budget with full details
  • Copy of Annual General Meeting minutes
  • Council venue booking confirmation letter (if you're applying for In-Kind Grants)
  • Auspice organisation's letter of approval (for auspice applicants)
  • Copies of quotes for minor equipment or capital works
  • Any extra support documents

Easily check what you need with a simple readiness quiz.

Take the grant readiness quiz

Submit your application

Complete all questions, upload supporting documents and submit the application online via Smarty Grants before the closing date and time.

A pre-eligibility check will be undertaken to ensure applications meet the eligibility criteria.

Only two applications will be supported. If an organisation has an existing partnership grant and is due to receive its second of three years of funding, this will be counted as one application.

When applying for two applications, funding must be used for different projects.

The application period for Community Capacity Building Grants and Partnership Grants are closed. Quick Response Grants will open from 1 August 2024.

Receive confirmation

On submission, you will receive an electronic reply acknowledging receipt from SmartyGrants.


 To qualify for Community Grants, you must:

  • have an Australian Business Number (ABN) or an Auspice Organisation with an ABN and written consent
  • be not-for-profit and either:
    • incorporated under the Associations Incorporation Act or enacted under legislative provisions for charitable purposes
    • supported by an Incorporated Association that is deemed to be a not-for-profit, as classified by the Australian Taxation Office (section 103A(2) (c) of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1936).
  • comply with Victorian Child Safety Standards and attach a Child Safe Policy to the grant applications if you provide services and facilities for children (anyone under 18 years old)
  • have current Public Liability insurance of no less than $20,000,000
  • have acquitted any previous Council grants
  • have no outstanding debts to Council.

In addition, applications will only be considered if they:

  • propose an activity that will commence and conclude in the financial year of the grant
  • propose an activity that takes place within the City of Stonnington boundaries or is part of a broader project that has a clear benefit to the Stonnington community
  • have beneficial outcomes for the Stonnington community
  • offer accessible and inclusive activities and programs without discrimination or restrictions
  • have supplied all financial and other information that is requested.

Who is not eligible to apply?

Organisations in auspice arrangements are not permitted to apply for a Partnership Grant.

Funding will not be considered for:

  • commercial enterprises
  • individuals or a project that supports an individual
  • business as usual – staff salaries and operational expenses except where there is substantial evidence the program would otherwise not operate without funding support
  • groups with access to revenue from electronic gaming machines
  • recipients of previous Community Grants who have not returned an acceptable completed acquittal form
  • proposals from current City of Stonnington employees or contractors
  • hire of venues of a commercial nature
  • carnivals, fairs and festivals (please refer to Arts and Cultural Grants Program)
  • political, religious or spiritual organisations where the key focus of the program is to promote their beliefs (this does not include community celebrations of cultural festivals)
  • activities that are considered the responsibility of State or Federal Government to fund, such as core school curriculum activities
  • activities that duplicate an existing service or program provided by City of Stonnington
  • projects that have detrimental environmental impact or produce large quantities of waste
  • buildings' structural improvement, refurbishment, building maintenance
  • retrospective funding - funds for expenditure that has already commenced or occurred
  • projects or events outside the grant financial year
  • projects that Council has already approved under another funding program.

Important dates

Important dates

View important dates for the 2024/25 annual Community Grants round.

Date Details

5 March 2024

Grant writing workshop by Non Profit Training

Time: 12 pm - 2.30 pm
Presented via Zoom

7 March 2024



Drop-in Community Grants Information Sessions

Times: 11 am, midday and 1 pm
In-person, no bookings required

11 March 2024  Applications open for Community Capacity Building Grants and Partnership Grants
18 March 2024


Online Community Grants Information Session

Time: 12 - 1 pm
Presented via Zoom

15 April 2024  Applications for Community Capacity Building Grants and Partnership Grants close
1 August 2024 Quick Response Grants open

Assessment criteria

Grants are assessed by a panel of Council Officers against the assessment criteria.

A Council Working Group will then make decision recommendations to Council.

Council makes a final decision on whether to endorse the grant.

When applying for an in-kind grant, you can only select the locations listed within the In-Kind Venue Hire guidelines.

The assessment criteria for each grant program are found in the guidelines:

Types of grants

Community Capacity Building Grant

This grant is provided to organisations to deliver programs, projects and activities that benefit Stonnington residents and align with Council priorities and strategic direction.

We will fund up to $15,000 for these types of activities:

  • social and cultural activities and events
  • minor equipment purchases (less than $2,000)
  • environmental initiatives and programs
  • health and wellbeing activities
  • activities that increase opportunities for organised and passive physical exercise
  • programs addressing priorities announced by Council as part of the community grants program, such as addressing a disaster event or significant social issues.

For more information, read the Community Capacity Building Grant guidelines(PDF, 389KB).

In Kind Grants for venues and transport

This grant provides subsidised use of Council venues and community transport services to eligible groups and organisations.

Council venues for hire

Community transport services for hire

  • Regular rostered services with a driver
  • Community Group Organised Day trips – with a driver
  • Casual bus booking for mini-buses – without a driver

Note that only mini-buses can be booked without a driver.

Our Community Transport roster is based on a calendar year (January to December).

Before you apply

Before applying for the grant, book your venue or transport service and attach the booking confirmation to the online application.

For more information, read the In Kind Venues and Transport guidelines(PDF, 322KB).

Quick Response Grant (up to $1,000)

The Quick Response Grant program is available to provide eligible organisations with limited capacity to self-fund and support the delivery of activities or events in response to unforeseen issues or unexpected opportunities that benefit the Stonnington community.

The maximum cash amount offered through this stream is $1,000. As part of the application process, organisations can also apply for in-kind support if the proposed initiative requires the use of a Council venue or community bus. If approved, in-kind support is in addition to the cash grant.

Types of funded activities

  • Unforeseen events or urgent issues posing a risk to existing community groups, programs or events.
  • Unexpected initiatives that need Council's support and benefit a community group and/or the wider Stonnington community.
  • Groups requiring small assistance to get a new project running or host a small community activity.
  • Groups that have missed out on annual grants due to circumstances beyond their control, such as the incapacity of the person in charge of grant application due to illness.

There will be a limit of one application per group per financial year. Applications close once funds are exhausted.

For more information, read the Quick Response Grant guidelines(PDF, 383KB).

Partnership Grants

Partnership Grants provide support for 3 years.

Partnership Grants provide funding on a triennial (3 years) basis to support the planning and delivery of community based services, programs and activities.

This funding will also support community organisations to plan longer term, attract resources and build strategic partnerships with other organisations in Stonnington.


Contact us

To request help or additional information, contact us at or 0438 790 116.


What is Auspicing ?

Often, auspice organisations will enter into agreements to assist individual artists and local community groups so that valuable community projects get off the ground. Auspicing can be viewed as a larger organisation assisting an individual or community group to apply for a grant and then managing or overseeing elements if successful.

Your application will require an auspice if you are an individual or community group that is not incorporated. To apply for the grant, you will need to enter into an auspice arrangement with a not-for-profit incorporated organisation that has an Australian Business Number (ABN).

What is an incorporated organisation?

An incorporated organisation, or incorporated association, is incorporated in a state or territory under that jurisdiction's laws. Incorporation establishes it as a not-for-profit legal entity separate from its individual members.

You can recognise an incorporated association by the word 'Incorporated' or the abbreviation 'Inc.' after its name.

Often, arts, cultural, recreational, and diverse community groups are established as an incorporated organisation. An incorporated organisation must meet the requirements and regulations of the state or territory in which it is incorporated.

More information about incorporated organisations can be found on the Consumer Affairs Victoria website.

What does the auspice organisation do?

The auspice organisation is responsible for ensuring that the grant funds are utilised as outlined in the formal 'Sponsorship Agreement'. This includes:

  • receiving, banking, managing and administering the grant funds
  • ensuring that the applicant uses the funding on time
  • making sure the money is accounted for (acquitted)
  • signing the acquittal form.

An auspice organisation may also provide additional support and/or request additional involvement, such as:

  • providing insurance for the project
  • acting as a mentor for the successful applicant
  • monitoring project progress
  • administering a fee for auspice services, negotiated between you and the organisation.

What auspice arrangements are required for a grant application?

As part of the grant application, you are required to provide the auspice organisation's contact information, financial documents, and evidence that they are an appropriate legal entity, such as their Certificate of Incorporation and an Auspice Agreement Form.

It is important to spend time with the auspice organisation so that they understand your proposed project and you both agree with the auspice arrangement. Once a written Auspice Agreement Form has been obtained and signed, you must provide a copy as part of the application.

What if an Auspice Agreement is not received in time?

Preferably, we would like applicants to have finalised their auspice agreements before submitting their applications.

However, if, for some reason, the final agreement has not been received before submission, a one-week extension to submit your agreement can be granted.

After this time, pre-eligibility checks of applications will commence.

If you require this extension, please include all correspondence with your auspice organisation in your grant application and advise that the agreement will be provided within the week.

It is the applicant's responsibility to submit this agreement via email to

Previous Grant recipients

Successful Grant recipients 2023

Organisation Project Project description Outcome Cash Grant In-kind Grant
Chadstone Lacrosse Club Inc. Provision for real-time and on-line scoring as prescribed by Lacrosse Victoria Lacrosse Victoria has mandated on-line, real-time scoring at each game. Funding will be used to purchase tablets and SIM. This will eliminate the use of personal phone use and internet costs for staff. Part funding $2,000 NIL
NCJW Community Services Inc (Auspice for NCJW Social Support Trust) Caring Mums Program Caring Mums is a free and confidential program for new and expecting mums experiencing social isolation. It provides emotional support through weekly social connection facilitated by trained volunteers. Part funding NIL $3,35
Chabad House of Malvern/Toorak Inc.

Chabad Malvern Chanukah festival

Annual cultural Chanukah Festival for children and families that showcases their rich cultural background, with food, activities and a special candle lighting ceremony. Full funding NIL $5,560.45
Cultivating Community Saturday Cook Club A cooking and gardening program for children and families at the Horace Petty estate, linking with the Youth and Child Services Hub Saturday program. Full funding $13,710 NIL
Malvern Emergency Food Program Inc. Malvern Emergency Food Program Each year MEFP provides over a thousand non-perishable food parcels containing a balanced diet of 2-3 days food to Stonnington residents and other Stonnington agencies. Full funding $15,000 $600.80
Stonnington City Brass Inc. Musical performance, training and development attraction and retention SCB operates an inclusive community brass band for musicians of all ages and musical abilities and delivers accessible musical education through our Training and Beginners Program. Full funding $13,100 $2,983.50
Phoenix Park Table Tennis Club Inc. Tuesday beginners' table tennis and Seniors' Festival Table Tennis Program Provide regular Tuesday table tennis practice and training sessions to encourage beginners, and to participate in the Seniors Festival by providing free sessions in October. Full funding $2,400 $7,109.08
Stonnington Ballroom Dancing Association Inc. Social support program Funding supports three activities each week: Mahjong on Thursdays, a dance party on Saturdays and multiple social activities on Sundays. Part funding NIL $28,082.33
Nar Anon Family Groups Australia Inc. Nar Annon Family support self-help group meeting A two-hour support group, facilitated by a leader, to provide support and a 'safe space' for families experiencing a loved one abusing substances and suffering mental illness. Full funding NIL $1,300
St Joseph's Primary School Malvern School Musical: Finding Nemo Jr The production of Disney and Pixar's 'Finding Nemo Jr' is a musical that will involve the whole school community, and all students from Prep to Grade 6 will be appearing on stage. Full funding NIL $6,531.90
Avalon Centre Avalon Drop-In The Avalon Drop-In Day is a weekly program with a mission to support and assist the disadvantaged and those feeling isolated. Full funding $5,500. NIL
Avalon Centre A Day with Avalon A weekly trip providing an opportunity for people to get out and about and have some fun. Open to everyone including people with disabilities, those experiencing homelessness, and/or mental health problems. Full funding $5,500 NIL
Armadale Probus Club Inc. Armadale Probus Club Inc. Capacity Building Grant Armadale Probus Club facilitates varied activities for Stonnington seniors that encourage fun, friendship, fellowship, and physical and mental well-being. Part funding NIL $3,595.46
Jiayuan Music Inc. Come out to music A program of events for disadvantaged children and young people from Stonnington communities to enjoy music together and experience peace and happiness. Part funding $8,500 NIL
Toorak Basketball Club Inc. Growing an inclusive club To provide equipment to help athletes and volunteer coaches. Full funding $1,938 NIL
Minus 18 Foundation Inc. Elevating LGBTIQA+ voices - queer youth empowerment This project aims to empower LGBTQIA+ young people by creating a safe space for them to meet other queer folks, be enriched by education and to connect with Young Leader Alumni. Full funding $5,524 $136.43
Reconciliation Stonnington Education The project develops community awareness and appreciation of Aboriginal history, culture and achievements, through events and social media, with focus on the Voice referendum in 2023. Part funding $550 $91
Keep Australia Beautiful Victoria (Rewilding Stonnington) Growing community capacity through environmental action 2022-23 The project aims to reintroduce indigenous and endemic plants to our local area in consultation with Traditional Owners; enhance biodiversity via plantings on public and public-facing land. Full funding $7,198 NIL
C Care Inc. Monthly pantry supplies for 115 Stonnington The project will allow disadvantaged Stonnington households order and receive $50 worth of customised deliveries of pantry and hygiene goods on a monthly basis. Full funding $15,000 NIL
NCJW (Victoria) Community Services Inc. Golden Age Club rejuvenation program The project will build community capacity to support the CALD community members and new immigrants by participating in weekly educational meetings and workshops under professional supervision. Part funding $1,500 $141.82
Windsor Senior Citizens' Club Inc.

Seniors' Festival Charity Dance

Weekly Tuesday Dance

New Year's Day Dance

People attend Old Time and New Vogue dancing, listen to music, socialise, enjoy afternoon tea and raise funds for local and other charities. Full funding NIL $16,313.67
Rotary Chadstone East Malvern

BusyFeet Stonnington

BusyFeet provides pleasure and enjoyment to children with Special Needs through weekly dance classes. Full funding $1,000 $5,060.17
Rotary Chadstone East Malvern Markets by Rotary A fundraising activity, where 100 per cent of stall holders fees are used on community projects. Full funding NIL $2,912.32
Grupo Primavera Latin American Association Social support program Provide social support opportunities to senior citizens from, but not exclusive to, Latin American countries to engage in cultural, educational, social, information sharing, mentally stimulating activities. Part funding NIL $7,218.10
Stonnington Chinese Association

Conversation, knowledge sharing and playing games

The club meet three times a month to share cultural activities and celebrates Chinese and Australian festive events and hold group outings. Part funding NIL $4,727.76
Friends of Baguia Inc. Committee meetings Bi-monthly committee meetings to manage the operation of Friends of Baguia Inc projects in the sub-district of Baguia in Timor-Leste. Full funding NIL $279.84
Malvern Italian Senior Citizens' Club Weekly social support meetings The club provides weekly social support activities for seniors from Italian and diverse backgrounds. Full funding NIL $29,025.65
Malvern Lacrosse Club Inc. MLC annual fundraiser Annual family Trivia night fundraiser to maintain the viability of the club. Full funding NIL $2,041
Thorne Harbour Health - The Positive Living Centre Positive Nutrition program 2023 The Positive Nutrition Program will continue to supplement the existing Pantry and provide protein products and a recipe for clients to prepare a nutritious meal at home. Full funding $15,000 NIL
Doll Association of Victoria 37th Malvern Doll Fair The 37th Malvern Doll fair is Melbourne's premier doll fair where dolls from antique to new are sold and traded by doll collectors and makers. Full funding NIL $8,950.50
Better Health Network (formerly Star Health) Physical health and wellbeing program The program, led by Allied Health staff, provides exercise-based therapy to aid the management of chronic health conditions. Full funding NIL $10,567.93
Egyptians' Christian Association Inc.

Cultural cooking classes

Art and craft activities

Hold art and craft classes every second month and monthly middle-eastern cooking classes. Part funding $500 $4,507.74
Greek Orthodox Archdioces of Australia Senior citizens of the parish of Saints Constantine and Helen South Yarra and Prahran Social Club Promote and facilitate a supportive environment for people aged over 50 to engage in the local community. Support people to live independently, participate in meaningful activities and reduce social isolation. Part funding $1,500 NIL
Hope Connection Inc Hope Connection social and community support The Suzu no Kai program offers opportunities to people with Japanese background, and people who are interested in Japanese culture to learn, chat and move together with variety of Japanese related activities. Part funding $300 $5,406.37
Launch Housing Tenancy Plus Brokerage The project provides flexible financial assistance to social housing renters living in Stonnington. This can be used to either establish or maintain a tenancy. Full funding $10,000 NIL
Probus Club of Malvern Inc. Ongoing operation Ongoing operation of the Probus Club of Malvern Inc. Part funding $1,215 $283.64
East Malvern Combined Probus Club Provide reduced membership and activity costs Provide a wide range of social activities to members at an affordable cost. Full funding $1,500 $286.64
Ptolemei Association of Greek Senior Citizens from Egypt and the Middle East

Friday afternoon/night activities and 3rd Sunday of month luncheon

Members meet to communicate and learn through various mind games, a book club, knitting group, chair exercise program and current affairs discussions. Part funding $800 $13,775.50
U3A Stonnington Inc.

Delivery of our hybrid programme

Purchase of a computer to support the delivery of high quality educational and engaging presentations both face-to-face and online. Full funding $1,959 NIL
Arabic Senior Citizens Group Active and healthy A visit to Cranbourne Botanical gardens, with lunch included. Part funding NIL $141.82
Malvern Historical Society Keeping Stonnington's history alive The publication of Stonnington History News (six issues) and three talks on Stonnington's local history at the Malvern Town Hall. Full funding $2,340 $555.15
Asklipios Greek Women's Senior Club Asklipios Greek Women's Senior Club Social Support To provide an opportunity for Greek female elderly Stonnington residents to participate in culturally appropriate activities and religious festivities. Part funding $1,000 $7,825.13
Stonnington Greek Seniors: the Friendship Club Social support for Greek seniors living in Stonnington Provide social support to senior citizens from Greek background that live in the City of Stonnington. The program includes social, cultural, educational and recreational activities. Part funding $1,000 $6,935.15
PMI Victorian History Library Inc. Re-engaging with our Community The Re-engagement Project aims to connect with our local and library community accessibly and inclusively, reduce isolation and foster community participation and wellbeing. Part funding $747.60 NIL
Stonnington Scottish Country Dancers Inc. Replacement of outdated audio equipment Purchase of a laptop computer and associated peripherals. Full funding $864 NIL
Ardrie Park Tennis Club Purchase of defibrillator It is standard practice that all clubs have a defibrillator on hand. It would be available for the use of community members who use the clubhouse. Full funding $2,000 NIL
Scope Australia Ltd Inclusive Hockey Stonnington The project will offer an accessible, modified sport for people with multiple and complex disability. Hockey sessions will be delivered over a period of eight weeks between October 2023 and April 2024. Part funding $13,157 $656
Melbourne Rainbow Band Rehearsal venue hall hire To have space for a musical ensemble to store equipment, rehearse, coordinate and set its foundation into the local and broader community. Full funding NIL $7,405.50
Spiritual Assembly of the Baha'is of Stonnington Stonnington Spring Arts Festival 2023 An event to encourage members of the Stonnington community to come together and celebrate using the arts as a means to promote community spirit and wellbeing. Full funding NIL $2,041
Spiritual Assembly of the Baha'is of Stonnington Baha'i New Year celebration: Naw-Ruz

The Baha'i New Year, or Naw-Ruz, is celebrated by Baha'is around the world each year on 21 March. It is a Holy Day and central to community life.

Part funding NIL $1,259.64
Healthy Tourism Senior citizens club 'Vigor', ensemble 'Nostalgia' Active wellbeing The club provides members different activities including dinners, seminars and lectures on different topics such as history or health. Part funding $2,000 $29,353.82
Stonnington Chapter, Association of Former Inmates of Nazi Concentration Camps and Ghettos of the Former Soviet Union Support program Provides group sessions for members to improve mental and physical well-being. The sessions will be culturally and linguistically tailored to suit our members' needs. Part funding $1,500 $141.82
New Eastern Arts Association Chinese Music Group Performance and Ensemble Regular rehearsal to practice and learn Chinese music and music performances at various community events. Part funding $13,000 $2,041
Blind Sports and Recreation Victoria (BSRV) A vision for inclusion through Stonnington inSIGHTS. A new program to address the social isolation which can accompany vision loss. It offers a range of educational, social group activities for people who are blind or vision impaired and specially trained sighted volunteers. Part funding $6,675 NIL
Armadale Baptist Church

Community garden restoration

Redevelopment of ABC Community Garden as a learning hub. Key areas of development are water-sensitive urban design and education. Part funding NIL $6,585
Malvern Greek Senior Citizens Association Inc. Social support Provide social support to senior citizens from Greek background that live in the City of Stonnington. The program includes social, cultural, educational, and recreational activities. Full funding NIL $29,025.65
Union of Christians from Constantinople Seniors social club Members meet regularly for social gatherings that include talks on mental health and wellbeing. They also celebrate special occasions throughout the year, including Constantinople carnival festivities. Part funding NIL $3,822.31
Toorak Mens Probus Club Build social interaction for Stonnington seniors The purchase of a laptop computer to record bookings and payments of excursions and all the clubs membership records. Full funding $3,142 NIL
Duldig Studio and Sculpture Garden Still Firing Sculpture workshops delivered to residents in three aged care homes in Stonnington, followed by an exhibition and opening of sculptures at the Duldig Gallery. Full funding $10,995 NIL
Collective Being

Trauma-informed Wellbeing Programs for children, parents and bubs at Horace Petty Estate

Mindfulness-based activities for children, parents and bubs who live at Horace Petty Estate, to learn self-regulation, social connection and calming from trauma-informed and mental health-aware Facilitators. Part funding $14,000 NIL
Prahran Chinese Elderly Citizens Association Inc. Social support Aims to promote positive ageing in elderly Chinese community by enhancing health, social, mental and physical well-being and enable them to be connected and active in the community. Part funding $500 $6,510.55

The Tibetan Community of Australia, Victoria Inc.

Buddhist teachings The monthly Buddhist Philosophy Teaching sessions led by venerable Buddhist lamas are an essential service to create positive mental wellbeing. Part funding NIL $3,420.12
Zenon Cultural Centre

Greek language and culture program for children

Greek language classes for students who live in the Stonnington area to learn how to read, write and speak the Greek language. Part funding NIL $5,456.73
Perwira Perhimpunan Warga Indonesia di Victoria Inc. Hari Raya fun day - multicultural Eid celebration Hari Raya Fun Day is Multicultural Eid Celebration is the day for Muslims along with non-Muslims to gather to strengthen their brotherhood. Everyone is welcomed in the event. Full funding $7,500 $2,500
Helping Hoops Inc. Helping Hoops Prahran A free, multicultural basketball program for children living on the Prahran public housing estate which aims to instil values of benefit on and off the court. Full funding $10,920 NIL

South Yarra Public Tenants' Association (SYPTA) Inc.

Community gardens upgrade

SYPTA Inc. manages the community gardens at Horace Petty estate. The grant will help SYPTA upgrade the plots, build a shed and ensure the pavement is safe and accessible for residents with mobility issues. Part funding $2,000 NIL
Armadale Primary School

Fundraiser evening

Major fundraiser to implement part of the Landscape Masterplan. The plan focuses on creative play, connection to nature, sustainability, food production, and places for children of all ages and needs to play. Full funding NIL $3,140
Team Sports 4 All

Stonnington Team Sports 4 All

Covers the cost of registration fees and uniform costs and give ongoing support to encourage long term participation in community sport to Stonnington families experiencing financial hardship. Full funding $15,000 NIL
Korean Elderly Citizens Association Social group Provide a place for senior citizens to meet where they can engage in cultural activities of interest. Predominantly, but not exclusive Korean citizens with limited English skills. Part funding NIL $13,860.01

Partnership (Triennial Grants)

Organisation Project Outcome Cash Grant In-kind Grant
Dad's Group Ltd Perinatal Mental Health and Wellbeing Program Full funding $50,000 NIL
JoCare Caring for Neighbours Inc. Caring for Neighbours Full funding $30,000 NIL
Stonnington Community Assist Inc. (formerly Prahran Citizens' Advice Bureau) Assisting the Stonnington community Full funding $50,000 NIL
Malvern Special Needs Playgroup Inc. Malvern Special Needs Playgroup Full funding $12,000 NIL
Prahran Netball Association Inc. Walking Netball Full funding $10,686.70 NIL
St Joseph's Outreach Services SJOS Food Store Full funding $18,000 NIL
Star Health Group Ltd Stonnington Supported Residential Service (SRS) outings program Full funding $50,000 $569
St Martin's Youth Arts Centre St Martin's at the Hub Part funding $35,000 NIL
Uniting (Victoria and Tasmania) Ltd Nourished, Calm and Connected Part funding $43,000 $1,326.65
Uniting (Victoria and Tasmania) Ltd Community Aid in Adversity Part funding $42,000 $2,600
Rotary Inner Melbourne Emergency Relief Network Inc. RIMERN goods pick up service Part funding $5,000 NIL
Toy Library Toy Library Full funding $55,000 NIL
Prahran Community Learning Centre Inc. Supporting independent living and social participation Part funding $9,2000 NIL