Advertising Boards on Council Open Space

The placement of temporary advertising signs on Council Open Space (i.e. parks and reserves) by approved local non-profit community groups and sporting clubs for the promotion of community events held within Stonnington requires a permit.

Apply for a permit

Application for advertising on Council open space(PDF, 537KB)

When applying, please ensure you:

  1. provide a completed application form
  2. agree to comply with the Stonnington footpath trading and awnings policy 2013(PDF, 1MB) and advertising on council open space policy(PDF, 850KB)
  3. provide a copy of current public liability insurance policy with minimum cover of $10,000,000

If approved, the permit will be sent via mail.

Approved locations for community signs

Locations for the placement of community signs are available at the following sites only:

Central Park(PDF, 58KB)

Percy Treyvaud Memorial Park

Como Park(PDF, 48KB)

Kooyong Park(PDF, 37KB)

Malvern Gardens(PDF, 270KB)

Orrong/Romanis Reserve(PDF, 51KB)

Sir Robert Menzies Reserve(PDF, 57KB)

Waverley Park(PDF, 68KB)

Important conditions
  • The sign to be situated no more than 1.5 km from the proposed sign location.
  • The sign is not to be displayed for more than three weeks before the event and must be removed within three working days of the conclusion of the event.
  • Only one sign can be placed at each location.
  • An organisation can only place a total of two signs at different sites at any one time.
  • If there is more than one applicant for the same location, the first applicant meeting the above criteria will be granted approval.
  •  Advertising of open days and enrolments are not considered to be community events and will not be granted permission.
  • Approval is not required for Council owned signs.

Fee and Lodgement

There is no fee applicable.