Parking Fines


This is page includes general information about parking fines. If you are seeking information about requesting a review of a parking infringement appeals that were lodged between 1 July 2006 and 9 February 2017 go here, or for information about relaxed enforcement during the COVID-19 pandemic go here.

Process of a fine

The types of parking restrictions that are found throughout the municipality are set under State Government Legislation. Council does not have any control over the requirements of the various parking restrictions, however, in most cases, may decide which restrictions should operate in a specific location and when.

After an infringement notice has been issued, it follows the process that is prescribed in the Infringement Act 2006. This process outlines the length of time allowed for payment, when and how penalty reminder notices are to be issued and/or the infringement lodged at the Infringements Court and the addition of costs to the original penalty.

All Victorian councils and other enforcement agencies are required to follow the process set by legislation.

The State Government sets the penalty amounts for all statutory offences while allowing Council to set the penalty amount for permissive sign offences such as timed parking areas, by Council resolution; between 0.2 and 0.5 penalty units.

The City of Stonnington has a responsibility to:

  • ensure parking spaces are fairly shared within the community
  • prevent obstruction and inconvenience to motor and pedestrian traffic
  • minimise danger caused by unsafe parking by enforcing provisions of the Road Safety Act and Road Rules - Victoria.

Penalty Reminder Notice

If a parking infringement notice is not paid within twenty-eight (28) days of the service date, a penalty reminder notice will be sent to the registered owner of the vehicle whose details are provided by the relevant Road Traffic Authority. 

Registering of unpaid infringements with Fines Victoria

When an owner or nominated driver has not paid an outstanding fine and reminder notice/agency fees and fails to respond to the penalty reminder notice, the infringement is registered with Fines Victoria accruing further statutory court costs to the original penalty.

Application for an internal review of the decision to issue an infringement notice 

Non-valid reasons for withdrawal of parking infringements   

Payment methods and enquiries


Enquiries relating to Parking Services should be directed to:

Payments in person

Any Australia Post office.

Infringements (general enquiries)

Phone: 9058 6600
Fax: 9058 6601

Enforcement requests

Phone: 9058 6600(select option 1)

Unregistered or abandoned vehicles - Council may impound unregistered vehicles. Note: a vehicle not displaying a current registration label does not necessarily mean the vehicle is not registered. Council's power to remove vehicles alleged to be abandoned is very limited. Registered vehicles will only be removed if it is demonstrated beyond doubt that ownership of the vehicle has been abandoned.

Internet payments

Pay parking infringements online.

24-hour credit card payments

Phone: 1300 781 284

Correspondence and postal payments

PO Box 3095
Melbourne Vic 3001

Further information

For further information, visit Stonnington Parking Alliance.