Residential hours of operation

Noise in a residential area can be unwanted and upsetting if people are trying to sleep or if it’s loud and persistent. The Environment Protection Act 1970 and the Environment Protection (Residential Noise) Regulations 2018 states that unreasonable noise must not emit from construction activities from any residential premises between the following hours:

  • 8pm to 7am Monday to Friday
  • 8pm to 9am weekends and public holidays

A council permit is not available to operate outside prohibited times.  

What defines unreasonable noise?

Noise is deemed to be unreasonable if it’s emitted from residential premises from construction activity and can be heard in a habitable room in any other residential premises, regardless of whether any door or window giving access to that building is open or not. 

You can find further details regarding noise requirements on the EPA website

What about noise from non-construction activities?

The EPA (Environment Protection Authority) sets the times when certain residential noise is not permitted. Refer to their website for prohibited times for residential noise.


If you wish to register a complaint about excessive noise, or advise any breaches of noise controls, you can do so in writing, by emailing or by telephoning Council's Amenity and Compliance Unit on 03 8290 1333.

Your complaint should include the address of the offending property and times at which the alleged offence is occurring.