Find advertised planning information

  1. Log in to the ePlanning portal.
  2. Select the Search the Register tab.
  3. From here, you can enter an address, a suburb, a ward or an application reference number to find the planning application you're looking for.   
  4. Once you've found the application you're interested in, you can use the Action button on the right-hand side of the portal to take the next step. Depending on the application, you may be able to view more information, object or make an enquiry.

Note: If you only wish to look at applications that are currently being advertised, you can do so by selecting the Advertising option in the drop-down menu under Status.

Advertising over the holiday period

It is Council's practice to extend the Public Notice of planning applications, known as advertising, during the year-end holiday period. This practice is intended to ensure that interested parties have adequate time to review information about an application, seek professional assistance where needed and lodge a formal objection if required.

The extended advertising period generally aligns with the year-end school holidays. Relevant dates will be published each year advising due dates for the installation of signs and completion of public notice.

For more information please contact Statutory Planning by phone 03 8290 3329 or email