C285ston - Prahran and Malvern East neighbourhood character areas

 Amendment summary
 Amendment Stonnington Planning Scheme Amendment C285ston 

Implements the findings of Stonnington Neighbourhood Character studies, particularly the Neighbourhood Character Review Addendum 2019. This review confirmed previous findings that the Interwar, Post-war and Early Modern precincts listed in this amendment exhibit a distinctive neighbourhood character that requires protection and enhancement.

Subject land 

Lalbert Crescent Precinct, Prahran

  • 535-541 (odd numbers) Orrong Road
  • All properties in Lalbert Crescent
  • 21-27 Kelvin Grove

Cairnes Crescent Precinct, Malvern East

  • All properties except 12 and 47-55 Cairnes Crescent

Bruce Street Precinct, Malvern East

  • All properties in Bruce Street
  • 29-33 (odd numbers) and 48-62 (even numbers) in Sutherland Street
  • 1 and 3 Paul Street
  • 1-8 Thomas Street

Camino Terrace Precinct, Malvern East

  • 1-7 (odd numbers) and 2-18 (even numbers)


October/November 2019 Amendment exhibited from 10 October to 11 November 2019. 
16 December 2019 Council resolved to refer exhibition submissions to an independent panel appointed by the Minister for Planning 
6 February 2020 Directions Hearing 
3 March 2020 Panel Hearing 
13 March 2020 Panel report received recommending Amendment C285ston be adopted with changes 

27 April 2020

Council resolved to adopt Amendment C285ston with changes as per Panel recommendations. Amendment forwarded to Minister for Planning for approval

12 October
Amendment gazetted


Supporting documents


Notice of preparation

Notice of preparation(PDF, 82KB)

Explanatory report

Explanatory report(PDF, 110KB)

Instruction sheet

Instruction sheet(PDF, 79KB)

Clauses and schedules

Clause 32.09 Schedule 05(PDF, 167KB)

Clause 43.02 Schedule 22(PDF, 126KB)

Clause 43.05 Schedule 08(PDF, 306KB)

Clause 43.05 Schedule 09(PDF, 470KB)

Clause 43.05 Schedule 10(PDF, 310KB)

Clause 72.03 Schedule(PDF, 84KB)

Map sheets

001 Zone Maps 09 and 10(PDF, 269KB)

002 Zone Map 10(PDF, 221KB)

003 Zone Maps 07 and 09(PDF, 227KB)

004 Zone Map 05(PDF, 224KB)

005 DDO Maps 09 and 10(PDF, 269KB)

006 DDO Map 10(PDF, 221KB)

007 DDO Maps 07 and 09(PDF, 227KB)

008 DDO Map 05(PDF, 224KB)

009 NCO Maps 09 and 10(PDF, 268KB)

010 NCO Maps 07 and 09(PDF, 227KB)

011 NCO Map 10(PDF, 220KB)

012 NCO Map 05(PDF, 223KB)

Supporting documents

Neighbourhood Character Review 2013(PDF, 9MB)

Neighbourhood Character Review Addendum 2019(PDF, 4MB)


C285ston - Panel Report(PDF, 785KB)

C285ston - Part A submission(PDF, 615KB)

C285ston - Expert evidence report - Lisa Riddle - Ethos Urban(PDF, 1MB)


Explanatory report

Explanatory Report(PDF, 42KB)

Instruction sheet

Instruction Sheet(PDF, 7KB)

Clauses and schedules

Schedule-5-to-Clause-32.09(PDF, 176KB)

Schedule-22-to-Clause-43.02(PDF, 133KB)

Schedule-8-to-Clause-43.05(PDF, 319KB)

Schedule-9-to-Clause-43.05(PDF, 481KB)

Schedule-10-to-Clause-43.05(PDF, 323KB)

Schedule-to-Clause-72.03(PDF, 90KB)

Map sheets

001znMaps09_10(PDF, 269KB)

002znMap10(PDF, 221KB)

003znMaps07_09(PDF, 227KB)

004znMap05(PDF, 224KB)

005ddoMaps09_10(PDF, 269KB)

006ddoMap10(PDF, 221KB)

007ddoMaps07_09(PDF, 227KB)

008ddoMap05(PDF, 224KB)

009ncoMaps09_10(PDF, 268KB)

010ncoMaps07_09(PDF, 227KB)

011ncoMap10(PDF, 220KB)

012ncoMap05(PDF, 223KB)


stonnington05ddo(PDF, 758KB)

stonnington05nco(PDF, 755KB)

stonnington05zn(PDF, 646KB)

stonnington07ddo(PDF, 309KB)

stonnington07nco(PDF, 309KB)

stonnington07zn(PDF, 421KB)

stonnington09ddo(PDF, 518KB)

stonnington09nco(PDF, 526KB)

stonnington09zn(PDF, 489KB)

stonnington10ddo(PDF, 474KB)

stonnington10nco(PDF, 474KB)

stonnington10zn(PDF, 421KB)

Supporting documents

Amendment List(PDF, 400KB)

Notice of Approval(PDF, 129KB)