Parking fines

To avoid a fine, please check for and comply with all parking signs.

All parking restrictions in Victoria are set by State Government legislation however, in most cases, we decide what, when and where restrictions should apply.

In cases where an infringement is issued, we follow the process set out in the Infringement Act 2006.

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Parking fine questions answered

Do parking signs apply on public holidays?

Yes, although some signs do operate differently on public holidays.  Understanding the differences is important to avoid a fine.

Specific day sign (on a public holiday) Non-specific day signs (on a public holiday)

If a sign refers to a specific day (or a range of days such as Mon-Fri) and the public holiday falls on one of those days, the rules on the sign do not apply.

For example: It's a public holiday Monday and the sign states 1-hour parking, Monday to Friday. Because it's a public holiday the 1-hour limit does not apply and you can park longer.

If no specific day/s appears on the sign - the restriction applies to every day of the year (including public holidays).

If you park in contravention of the sign on any day (including a public holiday) you may get a fine.


What happens if I don't pay my parking fine?

If a parking infringement is not paid within 28 days of the date it was issued,  a penalty reminder notice will be sent to the registered owner of the vehicle.

If the owner or nominated driver fails to respond to the penalty reminder notice, the infringement is registered with Fines Victoria. The infringement accrues statutory court costs in addition to the original penalty.


Can I see a photograph of my vehicle parked illegally?

Yes, in most cases photographs are taken where a parking fine is issued.

View parking infringement photograph

Can I request a payment plan?

Yes, you can request to make payment by instalments, or you can request an extension of time to pay by calling 9058 6600

Can I request a parking fine review?

Yes, if you get a parking fine and believe it’s unfair or incorrect, you can request a review. The application must:

  • be in writing
  • include the infringement number, the grounds for review and a current postal address
  • include relevant documents to support the grounds for review (such as a letter from your doctor, police report or evidence of mechanical breakdown)
  • contain a letter or other evidence of consent (if being lodged on behalf of a third party).

Please keep in mind, not providing sufficient information in the review application may influence the outcome.

You can request a parking fine review:
Online: Stonnington Parking Alliance Website
Post: GPO Box 3095, Melbourne VIC 3001

Please note: When requesting a review you must provide a postal address. As required under the Infringement Act 2006 the review decision will be mailed to the postal address.

Is there a time limit to request a parking fine review?

Yes, you can request an internal review at any time up until: 

  • the offence is registered with Fines Victoria, or
  • the expiry of the period for bringing a proceeding to court in relation to the offence.

You can make one application for internal review for each infringement offence.

What grounds will be considered for a parking fine review?

You should apply for a review if:

  • you believe the decision to serve the notice was contrary to law
  • there is a mistake in identity
  • your conduct should be excused as exceptional
  • special circumstances apply, as defined in legislation
  • you were unaware that your vehicle had been infringed (this can happen when you were not the the person driving the vehicle at the time the infringement was issued). In these instances, you may nominate the person who was driving the vehicle at the time.

What is a special circumstances review?

Special circumstances are defined by the Infringement Act 2006 and relate to:

  • a person with a mental or intellectual disability, disorder, disease or illness, or who has a serious addiction to drugs or alcohol which results in that person being unable to understand or control the offending conduct 
  • homelessness, where the homelessness results in the person being unable to control the offending conduct
  • family violence.

If an application is made on the grounds of special circumstances, the enforcement agency can respond in one of three ways:

  • confirm the decision to serve the infringement notice
  • withdraw the infringement notice
  • withdraw the infringement notice and serve an official warning in place of the notice.

What can I do if parking fine review is not successfuf?

The Infringements Act 2006 allows drivers to submit one application for internal review.  If you are not satisfied with the outcome of your review, you can contest the matter further by requesting the matter be heard in the Magistrate’s Court. 

To progress this matter to Court, please complete the Request a Court Hearing form(PDF, 92KB) .

If you are not the registered owner of the vehicle, you must be nominated as the driver, by the registered owner, before the matter can progress to Court.

Can the Mayor and Councillors intervene in the review process?

No.  To ensure a fair and independent process, the Mayor and Councillors cannot intervene in the infringement review process.