When advertising tenders, the City of Stonnington follows the rules set out in the Local Government Act 2020.

This means that we invite tenders for contracts worth more than $300,000 for goods and services, and works.

We advertise these contracts on VendorPanel Marketplace.

Procurement principles

The City of Stonnington has adopted a number of guiding principles for the awarding of tenders. These include (but are not limited to):

  • Value for Money
  • Sustainability (economic, social and environmental)
  • Open and fair competition

View our Procurement Policy

View our Supplier Code of Conduct(PDF, 132KB)

Value for money

We will weigh the benefits of the procurement against the whole of life costs necessary for the optimum result for both Council and the local community. To do this, we will take into account factors such as quality, cost, warranties, accessibility of the service.

Environmental sustainability

The City of Stonnington is committed to taking action on climate change. We will prioritise procurement activity that incorporates environmental and sustainable initiatives, voids and reduces waste, maximises resource recovery and reuse, increases use of recycled materials, improves energy and water efficiency, enhances biodiversity, reduces greenhouse gas emissions and ensures climate resilience.

Council prefers to purchase sustainable, recycled and environmentally preferred products whenever they achieve the same function and Value for Money outcomes.

Climate Emergency Action plan

Social responsibility

The City of Stonnington will give regard to social sustainability by giving consideration to suppliers that

  • are from Social Enterprises or include Social Enterprises in their supply chain
  • are from Indigenous Suppliers or include Indigenous Suppliers in their supply chain
  • share our philosophy on inclusion, diversity and gender equality

Access Inclusion plan

Economic considerations

The City of Stonnington supports local business by encouraging procurement activity that supports local suppliers either within Stonnington or from the municipalities within the South Eastern Regional Procurement Excellence Network as defined within the Procurement Policy.

Rapid Global Contractor Compliance

The City of Stonnington, along with nine other Victorian Councils, has engaged Rapid Global to provide a Contractor Compliance system.

The system requires contractors to complete an OHS questionnaire, based on the risk profile of the works they will be undertaking.

Contractors are also required to upload their key supplier documentation and certificates, such as Public Liability Insurance, Trade Licenses etc.

Advantages of Rapid Global 

  • Contractors will no longer have to complete an OHS questionnaire for every tender or quotation submission. 
  • Contractors will only need to complete the relevant OHS questionnaire and provide the key documents once.
  • When deemed compliant to a risk profile, they will remain compliant for 2 years (subject to keeping certificates of insurances etc. up to date).
  • Participating Councils will be sharing the one OHS and compliance assessment process.
  • The questionnaire and requirements will be the same for all nine Councils. When deemed compliant with one Council, they are also deemed compliant with all participating Councils.  

Annual Cost

During the quotation or tender process, contractors will be invited to register within the pre-registration portal. If selected as Council’s preferred respondent, the contractor will pay the appropriate fee to Rapid Global and become compliant with the Rapid Global system. This fee is only payable once per annum. All costs are tax deductible.

Risk Levels  Cost
Level 1: High Risk Construction Tasks  $150 
Level 2: Extreme or High Risk Tasks (Company or Partnership)  $150
Level 3: Extreme or High Risk Tasks (Small Company) $100 
Level 4: Medium or Low Risk Tasks (Company or Partnership)  $100 
Level 5: Medium or Low Risk Tasks (Small Company)  $50 

Participating Councils (known on Rapid Global as the ‘Amalgamated Councils of Victoria’)

  • Bayside City Council.
  • Casey City Council
  • Frankston City Council
  • Greater Dandenong City Council
  • Greater Shepparton City Council
  • Kingston City Council
  • Manningham City Council
  • Monash City Council
  • Stonington City Council
  • Yarra Ranges Shire Council