Community Grants

About Community Grants

Council provides assistance to eligible not-for-profit/charitable organisations to implement Stonnington based programs that aim to meet the needs of the Stonnington community. The Council assistance consists of a cash grant and in-kind support (fee waivers on the use of Council facilities and Community bus service).

Applications for 2022-2023 Community Capacity Building, and In-kind Grants are now closed.

Quick Response Grant (applications open from 25 July 2022) - up to $1,000

The Quick Response Grant program is available to provide eligible organisations with limited capacity to self-fund and support the delivery of activities or events in response to unforeseen issues or unexpected opportunities that benefit the Stonnington community.

The maximum cash amount offered through this stream is $1,000. As part of the application process, organisations can also apply for in-kind support if the proposed initiative requires the use of a Council venue or community bus. If approved, in-kind support is in addition to the cash grant.

Types of activities that we will fund:

  • Unforeseen events or urgent issues posing a risk to existing community groups, programs or events.
  • Unexpected initiatives that need Council's support and benefits a community group and/or the wider Stonnington community.
  • Groups requiring small assistance to get a new project running or host a small community activity.
  • Groups that have missed out on annual grants due to circumstances beyond their control (eg. incapacity of the person in charge of grants application due to illness).

There will be a limit of one application per group per financial year. Applications close once funds are exhausted.

Please read our guidelines(PDF, 336KB) for more information. 

Community Capacity Building Grant (applications closed for 2022)

This grant is provided to organisations to deliver programs, projects and activities that benefit Stonnington residents and align with Council priorities and strategic direction.

We will fund up to $15,000 for these types of activities: 

  • Social and cultural activities and events.
  • Minor equipment purchases (less than $2,000).
  • Environmental initiatives and programs.
  • Health and wellbeing activities.
  • Activities that increase opportunities for organised and passive physical exercise.
  • Programs addressing priorities announced by Council as part of releasing the community grants program (eg. disaster event, significant social issues etc.)

This grant applies to programs carried out from July 2022 to June 2023.

Please read our guidelines(PDF, 328KB)  for more information.


In Kind Grants (applications closed for 2022)

This grant provides subsidised use of Council venues and community transport services to eligible groups and organisations.

Community Grant Guidelines: In-kind Venues / In-Kind Transport 

Council venues for hire:

Community transport services for hire:

  • Regular rostered services with a driver
  • Community Group Organised Day trips – with a driver
  • Casual bus booking for mini-buses – without a driver 

Our Community Transport roster is based on a calendar year (January to December).

Please book your venue or transport service before applying for the grant and attach the booking confirmation to the online grant application. Read our guidelines(PDF, 235KB)   for more information on in-kind venue hire and transport services.  


 Only mini-buses can be booked under this service.

Partnership Grants (applications closed)

Partnership Grants provide support for 3 years. These are not open for application this year.

Partnership Grants provide funding on a triennial (3 years) basis to support the planning and delivery of community based services, programs and activities. This funding will also support community organisations to plan longer term, attract resources and build strategic partnerships with other organisations in Stonnington.



Program priorities

Our Community Grants program supports local projects that meet the following objectives and priorities articulated in the Council Plan and other key strategic and policy documents:

  • Improve community health, well-being and safety.
  • Enhance social connections.
  • Promote accessibility and inclusiveness.
  • Advance social cohesion and reconciliation.
  • Actively promote environmental sustainability.

See our Community Grants Policy 2022 - 2023(PDF, 367KB) for more details.

How to apply

1. Read the eligibility criteria


To qualify for Community Grants, you must:

  • Have an Australian Business Number (ABN) or an Auspice Organisation with an ABN and written consent.
  • Be not-for-profit and incorporated under the Associations Incorporation Act or enacted under legislative provisions for charitable purposes; or supported by an Incorporated Association that is deemed to be a not-for-profit, as classified by the Australian Taxation Office (section 103A(2) (c) of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1936).
  • Comply with Victorian Child Safety Standards and attach a Child Safe Policy to the grant applications if you provide services and facilities for children (anyone under 18 years old).
  • Have current Public Liability insurance of no less than $20,000,000.
  • Have acquitted any previous Council grants and have no outstanding debts to Council.

In addition, applications will only be considered if they:

  • Propose an activity that will commence and conclude in the financial year of the grant.
  • Propose an activity which takes place within the City of Stonnington boundaries, or is part of a broader project that has a clear benefit to the Stonnington community.
  • Have beneficial outcomes for the Stonnington community.
  • Offer accessible and inclusive activities and programs without discrimination or restrictions.
  • Have supplied all financial and other information that is requested.

Please note that organisations in auspice arrangements are not permitted to apply for Partnership Grant.


Funding will not be considered for:
  • Commercial enterprises.
  • Individuals or a project that supports an individual.
  • Business as usual – staff salaries and operational expenses except where there is substantial evidence the program would otherwise not operate without funding support.
  • Groups with access to revenue from electronic gaming machines.
  • Recipients of previous Community Grants who have not returned an acceptable completed acquittal form.
  • Proposals from current City of Stonnington employees or contractors.
  • Hire of venues of a commercial nature.
  • Carnivals, fairs and festivals (please refer to Arts and Cultural Grants Program).
  • Political, religious or spiritual organisations where the key focus of the program is to promote their beliefs (this does not include community celebrations of cultural festivals).
  • Activities that are considered the responsibility of State or Federal Government to fund (eg. core school curriculum activities).
  • Activities that duplicate an existing service or program provided by City of Stonnington.
  • Projects that have detrimental environmental impact or produce large quantities of waste.
  • Buildings’ structural improvement, refurbishment, building maintenance.
  • Retrospective funding (ie. funds for expenditure that has already commenced or occurred).
  • Projects/events outside the grant financial year.
  • Projects that have already been approved by the Council under another funding program.

2. Go to the information session

Attend our information session to find out about the grant program's application process, selection and assessment criteria, and to have your questions answered:

Community Grants information session

Online information session:

  • Thursday, 28 April - 2.30pm to 3.30pm online via Zoom (email RSVP Community Grants for Zoom link)

In person information sessions:

  • Tuesday 3 May, 10:30am to 1:30pm (drop-in session at Phoenix Park Library) 
  • Thursday 5 May, 10:30am to 1:30pm (drop-in session at Phoenix Park Library)

Applications open: Tuesday 26 April 2022

Applications close: Monday 23 May 2022 

Online support sessions

We also offer online support sessions for applicants who may need assistance with the Smarty Grants system and application process. We can support up to 10 people for each virtual session. 

Register your interest by contacting Nat Bachiega on 0438 790 116 or Zoom links will be sent once you register. 

3. Book your venue and/or transport services

If your program uses Council venues or community transport services (In Kind Grant), you must book your venue or transport service before sending your application.

Attach your booking confirmation to your online application at Step 5.

4. Get the following documents for your application

  • Australian Business Number (ABN)
  • Certificate of Incorporation or evidence of legislative provisions for charitable purposes
  • Current Certificate of Currency – Public Liability Insurance
  • Annual operating budget with full details
  • Copy of Annual General Meeting minutes
  • Council venue booking confirmation letter (if you're applying for In Kind Grants)
  • Auspice organisation's letter of approval (for auspice applicants)
  • Copies of quotes for minor equipment or capital works
  • Any extra support documents

5. Submit your application

Grants received by the due date and via the Smarty Grants portal will be assessed. A pre-eligibility check will be undertaken to ensure applications meet the eligibility criteria.

Applications will be assessed against a pre-determined criteria by Council Officers across various areas of Council, then a Council Working Group with a recommendation made to Council for decision. The assessment criteria for each grant program is stated in the guidelines:

Please view the Community Grants Policy here.(PDF, 367KB)



Frequently Asked Questions

Is my organisation eligible to apply for 2022/2023 Community Grant?

An organisation is eligible to apply for the Community Grants if it is a not-for-profit and incorporated under the Associations Incorporation Act or enacted under legislative provisions for charitable purposes.

Note that a not-for-profit organisation is an organisation that provides services or undertake activities for the community’s benefits and does not operate to make a profit for its members.

Can an unincorporated organisation apply for 2022/2023 Community Grant?

Yes, it can apply for the Community Grans if it enters into an auspice arrangement with an incorporated not-for-profit organisation and provides a letter of approval from the organisation auspicing the project.

Auspice means the incorporated organisation is agreeing to the management of the grant funds on your behalf. If your application is approved, the money will be paid to the named auspice organisation to manage the funds on your behalf.

Organisations in auspice arrangement are not permitted to apply for the Partnership Grant (triennial).

Can an organisation submit multiple applications?

Only two applications will be supported. If an organisation has an existing partnership grant and is due to receive its second of three years of funding, this will be counted as one application.

Can an organisation apply for more than one grant category (Annual, Partnership and In Kind)?

Yes, as long as it applies for funding for different projects.

Can the Community Grants be used to finance capital works (eg. buildings’ structural improvement, refurbishment, building maintenance)?


Note that the Community Grants can fund the purchase of equipment up to $2,000.

Which grant category shall my organisation apply for?

This will depend on the proposed project or program, including the issue you are seeking to address. Please read the Grant Guidelines carefully. Community Capacity Building Grants can provide project funding and in-kind support, where in-kind support provide for use of a venue or community transport.

How do I submit an application?

You can submit an application via the Smarty Grants portal.

Your organisation must register if it does not have a Smarty Grants account. To register, follow the following steps:

  1. Visit the Community Grants page and click on Apply.
  2. You will go to another page where you can either click on Log in or Start a submission. Both options will take you to another page.
  3. You can then register by clicking on the Register button.

Do I need to complete separate application forms if I am applying for a Community Capacity Building grant, in-kind grant, or both grant?

No. If it is for the same project, there is one application required to be completed whether you are applying for Community Capacity Building grant, in-kind grant or both grant.

Do I need to complete all the sections on the application form?

Depending on the grant/s you are applying for, the form will automatically highlight the sections that must be completed in your application.

The venue I want to apply for as a in-kind grant is not listed. Can I still apply for it?

No. You may only apply for an in-kind grant at the locations listed within the Community Grants program Guidelines In-kind (facilities hire).

Can I apply for a Community Capacity Building grant to hire a venue?

No. Funding will not be considered for Community Capacity Building grants for the hire of a venue for commercial purposes. 







Community Grants Policy information


The City of Stonnington is an inclusive City that enhances the health and wellbeing of all residents, where people feel safe, socially connected and engaged and is committed to supporting local community organisations with equitable access to facilities, support and resources. Part of this is facilitated through the delivery of a comprehensive community grants program.


The purpose of the Community Grants Program is to assist community organisations to deliver services and activities that are not funded by Federal, State or private resources that directly benefit the City of Stonnington community.


The Community Grants Program Policy 2022-2023(PDF, 367KB) outlines Council’s approach to providing funding and in-kind support to not-for- profit / charitable community organisations whose work enriches the municipality and aligns with the pillars and strategies of the Council Plan.  

Stonnington Community Grants 2021 recipients

Organisation Project Outcome Cash Grant In-kind Grant
Team Sports4All TS4A Stonnington Expansion Project Full funding $15,000.00 NIL
Therapeutic Engagement Support Services Association Inc. MAT Life Skills Program Stonnington Full funding $5,100.00  
Cultivating Community Saturday Cook Club Full funding $14,690.00 NIL
Malvern Emergency Food Program Inc. Malvern Emergency Food Program Full funding $10,000.00 $367.60
Auspicious Art Projects (auspicing Statera) Stonnington Youth Arts Initiative Full funding $15,000.00 $3,261.90
Rotary Chadstone East Malvern BusyFeet Stonnington Full funding $1,00.00 $5,257.17
Australian Skateboarding Federation Learn to Skate Beginner Skate Workshops and King of Vert Competition Full funding $8,750.00 $3,500.00
Stonnington City Brass Inc. Musical Performance Training and Development Attraction and Retention Full funding $13,750.00 NIL
Phoenix Park Table Tennis Club Inc. Tuesday Beginners Table Tennis and Seniors Festival Table Tennis Program Full funding $2,800.00 $7,305.60
Duldig Studio Inc. Textures in Time - Community Ceramic Art Project Full funding $9,500.00 NIL
Avalon Centre Avalon Drop-In Day Full funding $5,500.00 NIL
Avalon Centre A Day with Avalon Full funding $5,000.00 NIL
Armadale Probus Club Armadale Probus Club Inc. Capacity Building Grant Full funding $2,000.00 $3,534.70
Beach Patrol Australia Inc. Love our Street 3144-45 Full funding  $4,400.00 NIL
Minus 18 Foundation Inc. LGBTQIA+ Inclusivity Workshops Full funding $15,000.00 NIL
Collective Being Foundation Chill Vibes Yoga Club Full funding $12,150.00 NIL
Rewilding Stonnington (auspiced by Keep Australia Beautiful Victoria) Rewilding Stonnington Growing Community Capacity 2021-22 Full funding $5,300.00 NIL
Prahran Netball Association Inc.  Net Set Go Junior Development Program Full funding $12,780.00 NIL
C Care Inc. Food Security for 181 CALD Stonnington residents for four months Full funding  $12,500.00 NIL
Men of Malvern Inc. Check the Male 2021 Full funding NIL $1,939.30
Relationships Australia Victoria - Open Place Program Forgotten Australians Christmas Party Full funding NIL $2,983.50
Windsor Senior Citizens' Club Inc.  Club social activities Full funding NIL $16,024.70
Rotary Chadstone East Malvern RCEM Craft Market Full funding NIL $2,233.75
St Roch's Primary School Fundraising evening Full funding NIL $2,041.00
Sunnyside Kindergarten Parent Major Fundraiser and Social Event - Trivia Night Full funding NIL $2,041.00
Inner Metro South Community Language Russian School 'Rodnic' Teach Russian Language and Culture Full funding NIL $6,472.50
Melbourne Gay and Lesbian Chorus Evening rehearsals and concert Full funding NIL $4,575.00
Stonnington Chinese Association Fortnightly social support program Full funding NIL $1,716.00
Friends of Baguia Inc.  Meetings and event Full funding NIL $533.00
Malvern Italian Senior Citizens' Club Italian Senior Citizens of Malvern Social Support 2020 Full funding NIL $28,889.25
Knitters of the Round Table  Knitters of the Round Table Full funding NIL $3,740.00
Kids in Philanthropy KiP Hands on volunteering for youth and families Full funding NIL $1,836.15
Glamourhead Sharks Aquatics Club Inc. 2021 Annual Awards' Night and 20th Anniversary Swim Meet Full funding NIL $2,819.65
 Thorne Harbour Health Queer Pool Party Full funding NIL $1,464.85
Nar a Non Family Groups Inc. Nar a Non Support group for families and friends of individuals suffering from addiction Full funding NIL $1,225.00
Doll Association of Victoria 35th Malvern Doll Fair Full funding NIL $8,950.50
Star Health Physical and wellbeing program Full funding NIL $12,216.15
Montenegrian Society 'Niegos' Melbourne Inc.  Social and cultural activities for the Montenegrian community Full funding NIL $4,600.00
Very Special Kids  Community Education Day Full funding NIL $980.00
Union of Christian from Constantinople in Victoria - Australia Inc. Union of Christians from Constantinople in Victoria - Australia Inc. Social Support Full funding NIL $3,047.00
Melbourne Rainbow Band Rehearsal Venue - Hall Hire Full funding NIL $5,707.50
 Rotary Club Toorak Recycled Sound Full funding NIL $1,396.45
 Magical Getaway Foundation Awareness and fundraising event Full funding NIL $2,041.00
Zenon Cultural Centre Inc.  Greek language and culture program for children Full funding NIL $5,460.00
Inclusion Melbourne Volunteering - Online Information & Induction session and art activities Full funding NIL $10,265.85
Hope Connection Hope Connection Social Support Part funding $800.00 $9,412.00
Launch Housing Tenancy Support Program Brokerage Part funding $10,000.00 NIL
The Peoples' Choir The Peoples' Choir Project Part funding $5,940.00 NIL
Probus Club of Malvern Social and Cultural Delivery Part funding $1,000.00 $64.00
East Malvern Combined Probus Club Social support and activities Part funding  $1,500.00 $64.00
The One Box Group Ltd. The One Box - A Fresh Approach to Food Access in Stonnington Part funding $9,650.00 NIL
Ptolemei Association of Greek Senior Citizens from Egypt and the Middle East Social support programs Part funding $1,000.00 $12,094.76
Healthy Tourism Senior Citizens' Club 'VIGOR' ensemble 'Nostalgia' Be in Life Part funding $2,000.00 $29,276.80
 U3A Stonnington Inc. Investing in technology equipment Part funding $2,000.00 NIL
Asklipios Greek Women's Senior Club Social support program Part funding $1,100.00 $10,920.00
Prahran Chinese Women's Association Social support program Part funding $2,000.00 $8,428.00
Malvern Greek Senior Citizens' Association Social support program Part funding $2,000.00 36,738.70
Stonnington Ballroom Dancing Association Social support program Part funding $1,000.00 $21,185.15
Prahran Greek Seniors' Club Inc. Social support program Part funding $2,000.00 $12,240.00
Russian Cultural & TV Association Inc. Sputnik Cultural and organisational support for the production of new TV programs on C31 and DVDs for the local libraries in the City of Stonnington Part funding $1,000.00 NIL
Toorak Basketball Club Building an inclusive club Part funding $3,979.00 NIL
Sevdalinka Choir Rehearsals and meetings Part funding NIL $11,440.00
Toorak Men's Probus Club Inc. Social support programs Part funding $1,000.00 NIL
Australia Western Thrace Turkish Association of Victoria Inc. Social support programs Part funding $2,500.00 $1,384.00
Association of Former Inmates of Nazi Concentration Camps and Ghettos of the Former Soviet Union Social support programs Part funding $1,500.00 $584.00
Stonnington Greek Seniors, The Friendship Club Social support programs Part funding $1,000.00 $11,180.00
Indian Senior Group (auspiced by Sewa International Australia Inc.) Social support programs Part funding $1,000.00 $1,950.00
Arabic Senior Citizens' Group Social support programs Part funding NIL $64.00
Prahran Polish Elderly Citizens' Club Social support programs Part funding $500.00 $8,836.00
St Andrew's Gardiner Tennis Club Opening Tennis and Greener facilities Part funding $5,000.00 NIL
Prahran Chinese Elderly Citizens' Association Social support programs Part funding NIL $11,244.00
Malvern Legacy Widows' Club Meetings and social support Part funding $1,000.00 $804.00
Malvern Historical Society Keeping Stonnington's History Alive 2021-20 Part funding $2,520.00 $471.20
Tibetan Community Victoria Inc. Mental Health Project Part funding $1,000.00 $5,375.00
Yarra Riverkeeper Association Sounds of Stonnington Part funding $12,000.00 NIL
Spiritual Assembly of the Baha'is of Stonnington  Inclusive cultural and spiritual celebrations Part funding NIL $1,452.06
Grupo Primavera Prahran Latina American Association Inc. Social support programs Part funding NIL $10,984.00
Korean Elderly Citizens' Association Victoria Active Ageing Program Part funding NIL $10,660.00


Partnership (Triennial Grants)

Organisation Project Outcome Cash Grant In-kind Grant
Dad's Group Ltd Perinatal Mental Health and Wellbeing Program Full funding $50,000.00 NIL
JoCare Caring for Neighbours Inc. Caring for Neighbours Full funding $30,000.00 NIL
Stonnington Community Assist Inc. (formerly Prahran Citizens' Advice Bureau) Assisting the Stonnington community Full funding $50,000.00 NIL
Malvern Special Needs Playgroup Inc. Malvern Special Needs Playgroup Full funding $12,000.00 NIL
Prahran Netball Association Inc. Walking Netball Full funding $10,686.70 NIL
St Joseph's Outreach Services SJOS Food Store Full funding $18,000.00 NIL
Star Health Group Ltd Stonnington Supported Residential Service (SRS) outings program Full funding $50,000.00 $569.00
St Martin's Youth Arts Centre St Martin's at the Hub Part funding $35,000.00 NIL
Prahran Community Learning Centre Inc. Supporting Independent living and social participation Part funding $9,200.00 NIL
Prahran Community Learning Centre Inc. Inclusion and participation for vulnerable and disadvantaged communities (focus on young people) Part funding $8,400.00 NIL
Uniting (Victoria and Tasmania) Ltd Nourished, Calm and Connected Part funding $43,000.00 $1,326.65
Uniting (Victoria and Tasmania) Ltd Community Aid in Adversity Part funding $42,000.00 $2,600.00
Rotary Inner Melbourne Emergency Relief Network Inc. RIMERN goods pick up service Part funding $5,000.00 NIL