Sustainable transport

Our sustainable transport commitment

We are committed to expanding and improving our sustainable transport network, to increase the number of people choosing to walk, cycle and use public transport.

We support and promote the use of public transport (trams, trains and buses), plus walking and cycling and car sharing.

The sustainable transport network in Stonnington is diverse and complex, with trams, trains, buses, bicycle lanes and footpaths crisscrossing the City. Stakeholders in the network include bicycle groups, public transport user groups, state government and private companies providing public transport services.

Our role is to represent the interests of the Stonnington community to the government and private sector, who are responsible for the provision of transport services, facilities and infrastructure.

As a Metropolitan Transport Forum member, we promote effective, efficient and equitable transport by engaging in debates, research and policy development, and by providing information on transport options. For more information visit the Metropolitan Transport Forum website.

Car sharing

Car sharing is a member-based service, that allows you access to vehicles you can rent by the hour or the day. The rental cost includes fuel, maintenance, road side assistance and cleaning.

How does car sharing work?

To subscribe to a car sharing service you pay a one-off joining fee and an annual insurance charge.

Once a member, you can access the service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Bookings can be made online or by phone.

Car share vehicle locations

Car share vehicles are located in dedicated parking bays at the following locations:

  • Darling Street car park, South Yarra
  • Princes Street car park, Prahran
  • Windsor car park, Windsor

How do I join up to car share?

To join, visit Flexicar or call 1300 363 780.


We encourage and support cycling through the provision of facilities, programs and services.  Whether for fun, fitness or to commute, cycling offers a range of health, economic, social and environmental benefits to the community. 

Cycling in Stonnington is easy and safe, with a network of accessible and conveniently located bike paths and trails.  Our cycle network is complemented by facilities for resting and storing and securing bikes, and we will continue to build on this network to make our cycling facilities even better. 

Stonnington Cycling Map

The Stonnington Active Travel Cycling Map details bike lanes and shared paths within Stonnington, plus shops, playgrounds, water fountains and public toilets.

View the Stonnington Cycling map online or for a pocket-sized map call us on 8290 1333.

Stonnington Cycling Reference Group

We have established a Stonnington Cycling Reference Group to:

  • Contribute to the development and implementation of the City of Stonnington Cycling Strategy;
  • Give input into specific cycling initiatives (such as programs and infrastructure planning and development);
  • Provide feedback on general issues relating to the achievement of cycling objectives within the City; and
  • Ensure cycling initiatives and programs are developed that achieve a balanced outcome - taking into consideration Council Plan priorities, stakeholder and community interests, and the urban environment.

The Group is not a decision making body and has no formal authority or delegated powers.

Members may represent the interests of local cycling groups, business or the general community, and must have an interest and some experience in cycling, traffic management or planning.

For more information or to enquire about joining the reference group call us on 8290 1333

Public transport

Use Public Transport Victoria's Journey Planner to find the best way to get around Melbourne on trams, trains and buses.

Stonnington Public Transport map

The Stonnington Active Travel Public Transport Map details bus, train and tram routes within the City, plus shopping precincts, playgrounds. public toilets and many other public facilities.

View the Stonnington Public Transport map online or for a pocket-sized map call us on 8290 1333.