Do I need a planning permit?

In most cases, you need a planning permit if you want to develop or changes how land is used in Stonnington. 

First, you need to figure out whether you need a planning permit, a building permit, or both.

  • A planning permit is for the use and/or development of land.
  • A building permit relates to the construction of a development only - not what the land can be used for.
  • In some cases you need both a building and a planning permit. 

To check if you need a Building Permit, see our Building Permits page or contact our Liveability and Compliance Unit.

The Stonnington Planning Scheme has:

  • state and local planning policies
  • zones
  • overlays
  • other provisions

affecting how you can use and develop land in our municipality.

Do I need a planning permit under the Scheme?

You may need a planning permit if you intend to:

  • construct or complete works on a dwelling on a lot under 500 square metres in area
  • develop and use a multi-unit development
  • change the use of land
  • construct, alter or paint a building
  • set up a new business
  • start or expand a business without sufficient on-site car parking
  • carry out exterior works to a dwelling located within a Heritage Overlay
  • construct a tennis court or swimming pool
  • apply for a new liquor licence.

Call our planners on 03 8290 3329 to find out if you need to apply for a planning permit.

Find out how to apply for a planning permit.


VicSmart is a quick planning permit process for simple applications.

You can use VicSmart to apply for:

  • minor subdivisions
  • minor buildings and works
  • tree removal and lopping
  • small advertising signs
  • car parking and loading bay waivers.

The Complete VicSmart Guide walks you through whether the process is right in your case.

It also links to the VicSmart application portal.