Pet Ownership Restrictions

The City of Stonnington General Local Law 2008 (No.1) allows for the keeping of a specific number of domestic animals without a permit. These are:

  • dogs aged three months and older – 3
  • puppies under three months of age – 12
  • cats aged three months and older – 2
  • kittens under three months of age – 12.

All dogs and cats must be registered and microchipped at the age of three months. All cats must also be desexed, unless exempt for registered breeding purposes with an approved organisation or due to veterinary advice.

Keeping additional dogs and cats

If you wish to keep additional dogs and cats, please contact our Animal Management Unit to make an appointment with one of our Animal Management Officers. The officer will meet with you to discuss the options of keeping more animals, and to inspect your premises for yard size, and check for adequate fencing and appropriate sleeping quarters.

The Animal Management Officer will also speak with your neighbours to gauge their level of approval. You may wish to discuss your intentions with your neighbours before the inspection.

If the Animal Management Officer authorises the keeping of more than the permitted number of domestic animals, you will receive a permit in the mail for the extra animals.

You can apply for your Permit online now through eServices.

Please read the Keeping of Animals Policy(PDF, 331KB) .

 Keeping other animals and birds

Other than being permitted to keep three dogs and/or two cats at your property, you may also keep the following animals without a permit.

  • domestic birds – 10
  • rabbits –10
  • domestic mice – 6
  • guinea pigs –10
  • poultry: Keeping poultry requires a permit. Please read conditions before applying Poultry-Permit-Conditions.pdf(PDF, 50KB)

You can apply for your Permit online now through eServices

Advice and further information

If you have any queries regarding pet ownership restrictions, please contact our Animal Management Unit:

Office hours: Monday to Friday between 8.30am – 5pm

Phone: 8290 1333