Climate Emergency Advisory Committee

The Climate Emergency Advisory Committee aims to make the most of the knowledge, experience, expertise and skills of people who work, live and study in Stonnington to inform and advise Council on implementing its climate emergency response.

The Committee acts in an advisory capacity only and has no delegated authority to make decisions on behalf of Council.

The Committee welcomes community representatives who have:

  • a passion for working collaboratively with other members of the community and with Council
  • a proven understanding and strong interest in climate change-related issues
  • a willingness to commit 1 hour every month to attend meetings.

Community representatives are appointed through an expression of interest process.

Expressions of Interest for the current term have now closed.



Climate Emergency Advisory Committee


Cr Nicki Batagol (Chair)

Cr Kate Hely (deputy Chair)

Meeting frequency


Appointment term

Two years

Term end

31 December 2023

Committee objectives

  • Collaborate with Council to enhance the collective impact of the Committee and the delivery of the Climate Emergency Action Plan.
  • Provide input and advice on the implementation of Council's Climate Emergency Action Plan.
  • Provide input into developing and implementing initiatives that support Council's climate emergency response.
  • Help guide Council's research, strategy development and solutions relating to the climate emergency.
  • Provide a forum for information sharing, networking and collaboration between Council, community members and other key stakeholders.
  • Promote environmental sustainability activities and climate action within Stonnington.


The Committee membership comprises:

  • Councillors – Two Stonnington Councillors appointed annually by Council.
  • Community representatives – 10 to 12 people who live, work or study in Stonnington appointed through an expression of interest process.
  • Council staff – Manager Open Space and Environment and Coordinator Sustainable Environment to provide administrative support and advice to the Committee.

Terms of Reference

Read the Climate Emergency Advisory Committee Terms of Reference.

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