To effectively and efficiently carry out its business, Council delegates some powers, duties and functions to Council officers.

Delegated powers, duties and functions are documented in the Instruments of Delegation.

Instrument of delegation documents

 Delegated from Delegated to  Instrument of delegation 
 Chief Executive Officer
S5 Council to Chief Executive Officer(PDF, 135KB)
Council Council staff S6 Council to Council staff(PDF, 631KB)
Chief Executive Officer  Council staff S7 Chief Executive Officer to Council staff(PDF, 64MB)
Municipal Building Surveyor
Municipal Building Officers
S12 Municipal Building Surveyor to Municipal Building Officers(PDF, 1MB)
Chief Executive Officer  Council officers and coordinators  S13 Chief Executive Officer to Council Officers and Coordinators(PDF, 7MB)
Chief Executive Officer  VicSmart  S14 Chief Executive Officer to VicSmart(PDF, 351KB) 
Chief Executive Officer
Council staff
S17 Chief Executive Officer to Council staff(PDF, 64MB)
Council staff
S18 Council to Council staff(PDF, 303KB)