Frequently Asked Questions

1. Application FAQs

How do I get help if e-Recruit isn't working?

Contact our Customer Service team on 8290 1333. You can also email us at Responses via email may take a few days.

How do I attach documents?

During the application process on e-Recruit you will be asked to attach documents. You will be asked to give the document a title and can then upload the document by clicking on ‘browse’ and selecting the document from where you have saved it on your computer.

You will need to upload each of your documents individually.

Documents must be submitted in a ‘docx’ or ‘pdf’ format and should not exceed 2MB.

How do I add or change documents in my application?

To edit and add a new document: Log into e-Recruit and click on ‘My profile’, then in the left hand navigation click on ‘My application history’. In the ‘Action’ list select ‘Update’ next to the application you wish to change and then click ‘Go’. Your application will be updated.

To replace/update a document: Click on ‘My profile’ near the top right hand corner, then in the left hand navigation click on ‘My Documents’. In the ‘Action’ list select the rubbish bin for the document that you wish to delete. After the document is deleted, you can then click on 'Add new document' and upload your updated file.

If you wish to make a change to your application after the closing date, contact us on 8290 1333 and ask to speak with a member of our People & Culture department.

Can I change my application once it has been submitted?

Yes, you can update your application any time before the job advertisement closes.

Do you keep resumes on-file for consideration when a position becomes available?

No, we don’t keep resumes on file, so please make sure you submit your application via e-Recruit when you see a job you’re interested in.

By registering for a ‘job alert’, you will know when a job you’re interested in is advertised.

Can I submit a paper copy application?

Applicants are strongly encouraged to apply via Council’s e-Recruit system to ensure your application is correctly received, tracked and reviewed.

If you do not have access to a computer, Stonnington libraries have computers which can be booked by the public. Library staff will be able to assist you in using the e-Recruit system. We recommend calling your closest library and booking a computer in advance to avoid disappointment.

Alternatively, if you are unable to access a computer, you can post us a paper copy of your application and we will upload this to our e-Recruit system on your behalf. Please remember that we will need to receive this prior to the closing date of applications.

Postal address
City of Stonnington
Att: Recruitment Officer
PO Box 21
Prahran, VIC 3181

Can I save my application if it's partly completed?

Yes, after you have registered with the e-Recruit system and started an application, you can save at any time. Simply click on the 'Save and exit' button at the bottom of the page.

When you are ready to complete your application, sign in and click on ‘My Profile’. Click on ‘My application history’. This will bring up a screen that shows all the jobs you have applied for and their status.

How do I delete my application?

Click on ‘My profile’ near the top right hand corner, then in the left hand navigation click on ‘My application history’. In the ‘Action’ list select ‘Withdraw’ and then click on ‘Go’. You will receive an email confirming that you have withdrawn your application.

How do I register for job alerts?

When you log into e-Recruit, you will see the words ‘Sign up’ under the City of Stonnington banner. Double click on these words and the ‘Registration’ page will open. Complete the form then click on ‘Create account’.

You will receive an email from asking you to activate your account. Click on this link. A page will open titled ‘Account activation’. Go to the heading ‘Email alerts’ and choose the job types that you would like to know about if a job becomes vacant. Click on ‘Continue’.

How do I cancel my e-Recruit account and job alerts?

Sign into your account and click on your name. In the left hand navigation click ‘Account settings’, deselect any email alerts that you have from the list and then click 'Save’. Then click on ‘Deactivate account’.

2. Interview FAQs

How long will it be until I hear back about my application?

We endeavour to be in contact with all applicants within two weeks of the closing date.

You will either receive a phone call to attend an interview or an email notifying that your application is unsuccessful.

If my application has been unsuccessful, will I hear from you?

Yes. All applicants who are unsuccessful in progressing to interview will receive an email from us. Feel free to contact us for some feedback, but please allow one week for our staff to provide this.

What does the interview process involve?

You will usually meet with a panel of three people. The panel will have a series of questions to ask you which are usually a combination of behaviour, technical and values based questions.

You will also have the opportunity to ask questions throughout and at the end of the interview and we encourage you to think of some questions prior to the interview.

On average an interview usually takes about 30 minutes.

What happens after the interview?

Candidates who are shortlisted for the next stage of the recruitment process will usually be contacted within five days of their interview.

Depending on the position, you may be asked to complete one, or all of the below:

  • minimum two reference checks,
  • psychometric testing (for all permanent roles and selected temporary contracts),
  • pre-employment medical,
  • completion of police check documentation (or submission of a current police check held by the candidate),
  • submission of a current Working with Children Check, and
  • copies of relevant qualification

Candidates who have been unsuccessful following their interview will receive a phone call and feedback, usually within five days of their interview.

What is psychometric testing and what is involved?

Psychometric assessments are used to determine an individual’s strengths and development areas. These tests are typically used to determine a candidate’s suitability for a role and their ‘fit’ to the organisation and team.

These assessments can involve a range of tasks, often including:

  • aptitudes assessments (verbal, numerical and abstract reasoning) – which provide a useful indication of a candidate’s intelligence,
  • personality assessment – used to gain an understanding of an individual’s personality preference in terms or working style and interpersonal style, and
  • values assessment – designed to examine core individual values and preferences.

Psychometric tests reduce the subjectivity or bias in recruitment decision making and provide further insight into a person’s characteristics. A decision on whether or not a candidate should be appointed should not be made using the results of this test alone.

What is a pre-employment medical and what is involved?

A pre-employment medical ensures a prospective employee, for roles that have certain requirements and occupational hazards, is physically capable of performing all requirements of the position.

Those candidates will be presented with a physical requirements matrix so they can assess their own suitability for the position before applying.

If they are unable to undertake role requirements without adjustment, Council will consider suggested adjustments in accordance with Council’s Reasonable Adjustment Policy. However, if adjustments can't be made then the employee will not proceed further in the recruitment process.