Central Park playground

  • Project typePlayground construction
Child in pink coat playing on an accessible swing

In 2021 we will be building a new accessible playground at Central Park in Malvern East.

The new playground will be an inclusive, accessible play space for children, youth and adults of all abilities and be located about 100 metres south of the existing playground, which is also being upgraded.

The new play space will have many accessible play elements including swings, a cubby, music fence, trampoline and play table.

A mix of soft and hard surfaces will add interest and custom play and furniture items will make this a unique and attractive place to visit.

This exciting project will expand the play space at Central Park. We look forward to delivering a new play experience all the community can enjoy.

Project overview

Project status: Design finalised
Project type: Playground construction and upgrade
Construction timeline:

Start date: late-2021 (expected)

Completion date: early-2022 (expected)

Scope of works:
  • Prepare playground site
  • Install new accessible play equipment
  • Build new accessible toilet facility
  • Construct new pathways
  • Install new park furniture
  • Tree planting
  • Construct garden beds
  • Planting
  • Upgrade existing playground
Construction contractor: TBA
Contact (design):

Urban Design Team

P: 8290 1333

E: urbandesign@stonnington.vic.gov.au


In February 2021, we embarked on a community engagement program where we asked the community, "What would you want to see in a new accessible playground at Central Park?"

The ideas were received helped us to develop a draft playground design that we shared in April 2021, this time asking, "Did we get the design right? Is there anything we missed?"

These engagement programs have helped us design a fantastic new playground with inclusive play elements, new paths, seating and fencing, an accessible toilet facility plus lots of trees, garden beds and plants.

Thank you to everyone who participating in the engagement programs and helped inform the final design.

For more on the consultation visit our ConnectStonnington hub.


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