Princes Gardens Masterplan

  • Project typeMasterplan implementation
Princes gardens with new lighting, paths, trees and playground

In mid-2018, Council adopted a masterplan for Princes Gardens that will ensure the future of the Gardens as a vibrant, safe and accessible recreation and entertainment precinct the whole community can enjoy.

The Masterplan was developed following a series of community engagement exercises, initially in 2016 when the community was invited to share ideas to inform the draft plan, and again in early-2018 when feedback was invited on the draft masterplan ahead of its adoption by Council.

The improvements to infrastructure, landscaping and recreation opportunities contained in the Princes Gardens Masterplan will be implemented progressively over a number of years.

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TBA  Prahran Aquatic redevelopment (refer Future works) 
2023 Skate park and basketball court upgrade (refer skate park below)
2022 Sports courts upgrade (refer Sports courts below)
2022  Chapel forecourt and car park (refer Forecourt and car park below) 
2021  Building demolition and temporary pocket park construction (refer Completed works)
2020 Construction of southern gardens and sunken oval (refer Completed works) 
 2019 Construction of central path and lighting (refer Completed works) 
mid-2018  Council adopt Princes Gardens Masterplan 
March 2018 Community feedback invited on draft Masterplan 
August 2016  Council endorse draft Princes Gardens Masterplan 
May/June 2016  Development of draft Masterplan 
April/May 2016  Community consultation inviting input into development of draft Masterplan 

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Short and Long Term Objectives

     Short term

  1. Establish a central pedestrian avenue as a key north-south axis, connecting Malvern Road in the north with Princes Close in the south. This pedestrian avenue will comprise a generously-dimensioned walkway with opportunities for feature paving, more seats, drinking fountains, bins, lighting and wayfinding signage. The pedestrian avenue will provide clear and open sightlines, improving amenity and safety for all users. Avenue planting of large, deciduous canopy trees along either side of the avenue will assist in making it a strong visual element of the Gardens.

  2. Remove the easternmost tennis court and create more green space.

  3. Reconfigure the forecourt area to the east of Chapel Off Chapel such that this space is a plaza integrated into the central pedestrian avenue, with improved access and sightlines. The intention is to establish a more prominent address for Chapel Off Chapel as a key attraction within Princes Gardens. The plaza will act as a key meeting space with the Gardens in a central location which is readily accessible from all surrounding streets.

  4. Establish a formal entry to Princes Gardens on Princes Close, at the southern end of the proposed central pedestrian avenue. The northern entry on Malvern Road is already accessed via historic entry gates, and an opportunity exists at the southern end to anchor the path.

  5. Remove the majority of the existing under-utilised pavement between Chapel Off Chapel and Malvern Road and replace it with grass and trees, as a means of providing more 'green space' in the northern part of the Gardens and improving the frontage to Malvern Road.

  6. Demolish 22 Little Chapel Street and relocate Council services elsewhere. Reconfigure car park further north to allow for an entryway/forecourt and event space to the entrance of Chapel Off Chapel.

  7. Demolish the majority of the existing car park to create a new civic space to include expanded green space and a central footpath connecting Chapel Off Chapel to Little Chapel Street. The space can be utilised for events associated with Chapel Off Chapel, as well as other complementary activities associated with arts and culture.

  8. Retain two existing tennis courts and reconfigure to become multi-use courts.

  9. Formalise and enhance the east-west connection from Little Chapel Street into the Gardens by replacing the existing goat track through the grass with a paved pathway and lighting.

  10. Establish a new picnic/bbq area within a highly-visible, central location close to main pedestrian thoroughfares and the existing playground. The picnic/bbq area should comprise all facilities required for such a use, including a shelter structure, seating, tables and bbq.

  11. Retain the existing basketball court. Install floodlights to the basketball court; lights to be installed on timers to balance night use with local residents.

  12. Retain the existing Prahran Aquatic Centre.

  13. Retain the existing passive recreation spaces in the southern part of the Gardens, including the sunken lawn.

  14. Retain the existing playground.

  15. Retain existing National Trust listed tree Combretum caffrum.

  16. Upgrade the existing Exeloo public toilet.

  17. Add a new single occupancy automated public toilet to service the northern section of Princes Gardens. 

    Update: This area is within a registered place and subject to a Heritage Victoria permit application. The proposed toilet within the masterplan was not supported by Heritage Victoria and is no longer proposed.

    Long term

  18. Retain the existing 50-metre outdoor pool, with an expanded and improved pool deck, complete with custom-designed shade structures and expansive areas of usable recreation space. Replace the existing utilitarian fence at the perimeter of the Aquatic Centre with a new fence which is more architecturally-sensitive and complements the public domain of Princes Gardens.

  19. Provide a signalised pedestrian crossing on Malvern Road, on the alignment of the central pedestrian avenue, in anticipation of the redevelopment of the Horace Petty Housing Estate. This is subject to further investigation and Vic Road and Yarra Trams approval.

Supporting documents

View Princes Gardens Masterplan report(PDF, 3MB)

View Princes Gardens Masterplan staging plan(PDF, 3MB)



Masterplan implementation

Forecourt and car park

Project Chapel Forecourt and car park 
Status In progress
Construction timeline  September 2021 to mid-2022

Construction contractor

Citywide Services Solutions - 03 9261 5000

City of Stonnington

Georgina Hagger - 03 8290 1067

Emergency (all hours) - 03 8290 1333

Scope of works 

Create open grassed areas

Construct new pathways

Install new lighting

Tree planting

New pedestrian entrance to Chapel Off Chapel performing arts venue

Relocate car park on Little Chapel Street further north 

Hours of work 

7am to 6pm (Monday to Friday)

8am to 4pm (Saturday)

Supporting document View Concept Design(PDF, 12MB)
Community updates 

14 September 2021 Resident Notification(PDF, 1MB)

June 2021 Advance Notice of Works postcard(PDF, 857KB)


Sports courts

The redevelopment of the Princes Gardens tennis and netball courts is part of the Princes Garden masterplan.

Construction of the sports courts was planned for a future date, but has been brought forward thanks, in part, to a funding contribution from the Victorian Government.

The current court marking arrangement of three full size tennis and three non-regulation size netball courts will be replaced with three full size tennis courts, two regulation size futsal courts and two regulation size netball courts.

The reduced number of netball courts (from three non-regulation size, to two regulation size) has been agreed in consultation with users groups and netball stakeholders.

The existing undersized courts are not suitable for social or club games, which severely restricts their usability.  While there will be one less court under the new arrangement, the two new courts will be significantly more usable for training and games - to both casual users and local netball teams.

Project  Sports Courts redevelopment (multi-use courts) 
Status  In progress 
Construction timeline  December 2021 to late-2022
Funding  This $1.167 million Princes Gardens masterplan implementation project is jointly funded by a Victorian Government Community Sports Infrastructure Stimulus Program Grant  and a City of Stonnington contribution. 

Construction contractor

PTA Landscapes - 9720 0113

City of Stonnington

Georgina Hagger - 8290 1067

Emergency (all hours) - 8290 1333

Scope of works 

Redevelopment of existing multi-court site to accommodate:

Three full size tennis courts

Two regulation size netball courts

Two regulation size futsal courts

Upgraded lighting to energy efficient LED

New landscaping and fencing

Hours of work  7am to 5pm (Monday to Friday)
Court design  


Download Sports Courts Design(PDF, 6MB)

Community updates November 2021 Resident notification postcard(PDF, 111KB)

The Princes Gardens Sports Courts are being developed by the 
City of Stonnington in partnership with the Victorian Government 

Future works


Prahran Aquatic Redevelopment

An extensive community engagement program will be completed before any decision on the redevelopment is made.

Completed works


Building demolition and pocket park construction - 294 Malvern Road

Status Complete mid-2021
Scope of works

Demolish existing building

Soil remediation

Construct temporary pocket park

Project  Building demolition - 22 Little Chapel Street 
Status  Complete mid-2021
Scope of work 

Demolish building at 22 Little Chapel Street

(previously housed Maternal Child Health and Youth Services)

 Project Southern gardens and sunken oval 
 Status Completed 2020
Scope of works 

New paths between Chapel Street and Essex Street

New lighting

New picnic area with shelters, barbecues and picnic tables

New park furniture

New irrigation system, garden beds and trees

Regrade sunken garden

Supporting documents   View Resident Notification(PDF, 824KB)

Project Central path and lighting
Status Completed 2019
Scope of works

Construct new four-metre wide path

Install new lighting

Install new park furniture

Install new irrigation system

Complete avenue tree planting

Realign fencing

Relocate shade sail posts and install new shade sails

To accommodate the works, some tree removal was necessary,

Supporting documents  View Resident Notification(PDF, 1MB)  






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