Toorak Park/Victory Square masterplan

  • Project typeMaster plan implementation

In December 2018, Council adopted a master plan to upgrade Toorak Park and Victory Square in Armadale.

The master plan was adopted following an extensive community engagement, from September 2017 to March 2018, when the community was invited to view the draft master plan and contribute ideas to inform the final masterplan document.

Council considered community feedback in May 2018, which was used to inform the adopted design.

The master plan contains a significant package of works that will be delivered progressively over several stages and years.

When complete, the master plan will deliver significant improvements to Toorak Park and Victory Square that will benefit the local community and the sporting clubs who use the park. 


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Current works

 Toorak Park Pavilion, Sports Oval Redevelopment and Lighting Upgrade
Project status

Pavilion under construction

Oval redevelopment and lighting upgrade complete

Project type Major infrastructure / park improvement
Construction timeline early-2023 to late-2024
Hours of work 

7am to 4pm (Monday to Friday)

8am to 3pm (Saturday)



Tony Coyle

2C Constructions

M: 0499 422 084

City of Stonnington

Reza Ramjerdi

Project Manager

P: 8290 6079


8290 1333 (all hours)


Scope of works


New shared-use pavilion

New terraced seating

Toorak Park oval and lighting - COMPLETE

Oval redevelopment

Path network

New LED sports lighting

Latest news

4 July 2024 - have your say on name for new pavilion

Until Sunday, 4 August we're inviting feedback on the name proposed for the new sports pavilion and community facility currently under construction.

Toorak Park Pavilion was selected as the preferred name in consultation with the sporting clubs who will be based at the pavilion.

The name was endorsed by Council at its 22 April 2024 meeting and has been confirmed by Geographic Names Victoria as compliant to the Naming rules for places in Victoria - Statutory requirements for naming roads, features and localities – 2022

For more on the name and naming process visit the Connect Stonnington Engagement Hub  

28 June 2024 - works move inside

Over the past month we've seen lots of progress on the build, with most of the roof now on and works moving inside.

Ground floor and level one service installations are well advanced and walls are going up on both levels too.

To the exterior the substation pad has been poured ahead of installation in the coming months.

New photos of the build have been added to the photo gallery. Check them out to see the works progress.

23 May 2024 - pavilion build well underway

Construction of the Toorak Park pavilion is well underway with most of the walls up, steel works progressing and the concrete pours for the spectator seating and staircases complete.

Next up is roof construction, that will commence next week.

To see how works are progressing, have a look at the latest aerial photos taken of the pavilion this week in the photo gallery.

28 February 2024 - Orrong Road hoarding gets a facelift

The site hoarding fronting Orrong Road has just been given a facelift with the installation of banners with information and artist renders of the new pavilion.

Two large sections of the hoarding have been covered with the banners, adding a splash of colour and important details about the works.

Click the photo gallery tab to see the new banners and other progress photos.

31 January 2024 - milestone reached early!

Construction of the Toorak Park pavilion is progressing to schedule with the below ground service installations complete and the concrete floor slab poured earlier than planned.

View the photo gallery tab for a photo taken this week  showing the slab down and curing before moving ahead with the build.

5 January 2024 - Construction update

We’ve just ticked over a year since works began on the Toorak Park pavilion, sports oval and lighting project and we’re well on the way to delivering some exciting new community facilities.

The sports oval and lighting upgrade is now complete and we welcome sport back to Toorak Park from January.

This stage of the project saw the sports oval enlarged, new drainage, irrigation and cricket wickets installed and the oval completely returfed. We also built new lighting towers and installed low spill, energy-efficient LEDs to meet the standard required for AFL amateur competition and practice.

Following the completion of the oval and lighting upgrade, in November 2023 construction moved to the pavilion with site excavation, civil works and concrete pours for pavilion footings happening throughout December, ahead of the pavilion slab being poured – planned for early 2024.

Read the full Toorak Park pavilion construction #3 update(PDF, 863KB)

January 2024 - Sports oval open!

The site fencing is down and the sports oval is now open.

The first cricket match on the new oval is scheduled to be played in late-January.

14 December 2023 - Sports oval and lighting opening soon!

We've only a few weeks away from the sports oval and lighting opening after a full upgrade. The turf is establishing well and looking great. The temporary fencing around the oval is still up to give the turf time to fully establish, before we open the oval up to sport and the community in early 2024.

Opening soon image for website.jpg


23 November 2023 - Sports oval and lighting complete

The construction program for the oval redevelopment and lighting installation is complete. The oval has been fully turfed and we are now waiting for the lawn to establish before opening the oval up to sport and public use in early 2024.

2023-11 - Toorak Park aerial.jpg

15 November 2023 - Construction update

Following the issue of the builidng permit for pavilion construction stage 1 works, bulk excavation of the site has commenced. This will be followed by detailed excavation and civil works ahead of concrete pours for the pavilion footings and pad.

Site establishment works are also well advanced as is the detailed design works which are 95 per cent complete.

At this early stage of construction we are well on track to meet the expected completion date of late-2024.

And, if you're interested to see what the new pavilion will look like, below are two new artist impressions of the building - a view from the oval and from the road.


Toorak Park pavilion - view from oval


Toorak Park pavilion - view from road

21 August 2023 - Construction update

In the past month the concrete in the curator's shed area has been completed, the contractor compound removed and all bar a small portion of the perimeter path and fencing is complete.

Turf is being monitored and will be cut and delivered to site under advice from the project agronomist.

This stage of the project will be complete following turf planting.

27 July 2023 - Construction update

Another busy month on site has seen the completion of the oval spoon drain, the majority of the oval perimeter path, the sand for the oval has all been spread, goal post footings are in and most of the perimeter fencing is done.

Demolition of the cricket pavilion is underway and the oval surface is now ready for turfing which will happen in line with advice from project agronomist. Once laid, we expect the turf will need an establishment/maturation period of a few months, with the anticipated date the oval can be used for sport currently January 2024.

Closing out this stage of the works program the contractor compound has been removed and the site cleaned up.

19 June 2023 - Construction update

Works are progressing well with several milestone reached since the last update, the cricket wicket construction and irrigation installation is complete, the light tower fittings are finished, light towers erected and the spoon drain is complete.

Demolition of amenities block is also done, with the cricket pavilion demolition up next.

We're getting close to completing the drainage and fencing and works are underway on the bulk material spreading, with sand spreading due to start soon.

2 June 2023 - Construction update

The cricket wicket has been constructed and oval irrigation is nearing completion. Lighting tower footings are complete and towers under construction.

Stage two demolition works will commence shortly, starting with the removal of the amenities block at the northern end of the site. Demolition of the cricket pavilion building on the Orrong Road frontage will follow. Before demolition starts, the Orrong Road trees will have barriers installed to protect them from potential damage.

29 May 2023 - Stage two demolition works

Until mid-June the final stage of demolition works will be underway – with the removal of the cricket pavilion building and amenities block.

Demolition crews will enter and exit the site from Orrong Road and every effort will be made to keep disruption to a minimum.

If you have any questions or concerns about the demolition works please contact Henriksen Contractors on 0418 539 190 or send us a message via the Toorak Park pavilion ask a question form.

29 May 2023 - Oval and lighting works progressing well

We’re now nearly five months into the project and excellent progress has been made on the oval redevelopment and lighting works.

All the bulk earthworks are complete, the oval has been reshaped and resized and construction of the cricket wicket is well advanced. Lighting tower footings have been poured, and the new towers are under construction.

Looking forward, we are planning to lay the oval turf in July – bringing to a close the oval redevelopment phase of the works.

The turf will need an establishment period to the end of 2023, with the oval expected to reopen in early-2024.

Read the full Construction update(PDF, 2MB)

11 May 2023 - Construction update

Works have continued to progress well over the past month with plenty of action on site:

  • approval has been given for stage two demolition works (the cricket pavilion and amenities) and we expect the permit to be issued shortly.
  • concrete works have commenced, including the spoon drain around the oval perimetre
  • Light tower footings are dug and cages placed in readiness for the concrete footings to be poured.
  • cricket wicket construction and drainage works continue.

Looking ahead, we have stage two demolition works and main drainage and irrigation pipe runs. 

14 April 2023 - Construction update

It's been a very busy couple of months on site with redevelopment of the oval well advanced. Bulk earthworks for the oval is complete and construction of the cricket wicket has started, as has the construction of the new drainage system.

A buiding permit application for the light towers has been lodged, and work is expected to start on the light towers shortly.

Looking ahead, we expect the oval turf and cricket wicket to be laid by July. The turf needs an establishment period up until January 2024 (estimated) during which time the oval will not be available.

The oval should be available for sport from early-2024.

27 February 2023 - Construction update

During February works on the sports oval redevelopment have been the focus. The site has been stripped and features such as the cricket wickets, coaches boxes, fencing, concrete spoon drain, AFL goal posts and irrigation system removed.

Oval reshaping, levelling and removal of top soil is complete with bulk earthworks to commence shortly.

30 January 2023 - Construction started

It’s been a busy first month of redevelopment works at Toorak Park.

The site was secured behind temporary fencing at the end of 2022 and since then the main pavilion and lighting towers have been demolished and rubble removed.

The sports oval surface and other landscape elements have been removed and the reshaped, larger oval marked up.

Service relocation to accommodate the new buildings and facilities is also underway.

Read the full Community construction Update #01(PDF, 595KB)

7 December 2022 - Preparation for construction and redevelopment 

With works for the Toorak Park Pavilion and Sports Oval redevelopment scheduled to take place in early 2023, preparation of the site will begin on Monday 12 December 2022.

This will involve site fencing being installed and the sports oval being inaccessible for the duration of the construction works. Signs will be installed offering alternate routes.

The nearby Victory Square and Orrong Romanis Reserve will remain open and accessible as alternative destinations.

We recognise Toorak Park is popular with local residents and thank you for your patience and understanding. 

November 2022 - Community Update 1

Download Community Update #1 - November 2022(PDF, 2MB)

30 March 2021 - Council agree to not fence Victory Square

At its 29 March 2021 meeting, Council supported a recommendation to not fence Victory Square
(refer Council Item 14.5 - Victory Square Off-Lead Dog Park - Fencing).

This decision was made following consultant advice on issues related to a fully versus partially fenced site, and took into consideration:

  1. There is a greater likelihood of poor dog behaviour in fully fenced dog parks than in open spaces.
  2. It is not recommended for children under the age of 16 to be in a fully fenced dog park without adult supervision.
  3. Victory Square was not intended to be a dedicated dog park. It was designed, with community input, as a public open space.
  4. To block the direct route for dogs to run onto the park, the entrance gate will be moved to the oval.
  5. More visual obstruction, through planting between the path and the embankment where Victory Square meets Toorak Park, will be added.
  6. A dedicated dog park is planned for Thomas Oval in South Yarra.

Photo gallery

Toorak Park pavilion and oval photo gallery

Toorak Park pavilion and oval artist impressions

Completed works

Victory Square playground and park improvements

Project status Complete
Project type Park improvement
Completion date February 2020
Scope of works

New playground



Park furniture

Landscaping and tree planting

New turf and irrigation

Toorak Park cricket practice nets and supporting facilities

Project status Complete
Project type Infrastructure upgrade / park improvement
Completion date February 2021
Scope of works

New cricket practice facility (turf and synthetic)

New public toilets

New storage facility

New pedestrian paths to Toorak Park and Victory Square

New lighting

New irrigation system

New garden bed and tree planting

Removal of obsolete infrastructure (lighting poles and communications tower)

Supporting documents 

Cricket net design(PDF, 292KB)

Project update - January 2020(PDF, 1MB)

Project update - August 2020(PDF, 701KB)


Toorak Park and Victory Square masterplan



Download Toorak Park and Victory Square masterplan(PDF, 8MB)


Community consultation on the draft Toorak Park and Victory Square masterplan occurred from September 2017 to March 2018.

Council considered feedback from the consultation in May 2018, which informed the final masterplan document adopted in December 2018.

In March 2019, a further round of consultation was completed to inform the final design for the Victory Square playground and surrounds.

As delivery of the masterplan progresses, more opportunities for input into the final design may be available.

To check for consultation opportunities visit our Toorak Park/Victory Square consultation page. 


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