Muscle Boy

David Bromley Muscle Boy

About the Artist

David Bromley is a renowned Australian artist with studios and commercial spaces in Windsor and Daylesford. Born in Sheffield, England, Bromley migrated from England to Australia in 1964. Bromley emerged as a painter in the 1980s and soon after added sculpture to his practice. Since then, Bromley has become one of the most recognizable and innovative artists in Australia. Over the past twenty years Bromley’s work has fostered widespread acclaim and notoriety in Australia and internationally. He has exhibited in nearly every continent including Asia, Europe, Africa and America.

In his practice, Bromley has developed distinct themes and unique style of painting. His best known are the nude female portraits and children’s series, yet often experiments with various mediums and imagery that portray a certain whimsy. However diverse in his subject matter, David’s work is enduringly figurative, daringly coloured and executed with a graphic intention that is striking and memorable. David Bromley’s practice extends to significant work in sculpture, utilizing bronze and resin to bring to life the characters imbued within his painting.

About the work

David Bromley, whose studio overlooks Grosvenor Reserve, read about the removal of gum trees from the park. Bromley offered to donate a sculpture to the City of Stonnington that would sit atop one of the lopped tree stumps. In 2016 the sculpture was reinstalled atop a new bronze column plinth, ensuring the continued and safe display of the work for future visitors to the Reserve. Muscle Boy depicts a proud and innocent youth showing off his growing muscles and is displayed adjacent to a children’s playground and council-run Grosvenor Childcare Centre.