Building complaints

If you have a complaint about a private building surveyor, or building work carried out by a private building surveyor, you can talk to our Municipal Building Surveyor.

Framework for complaints

Stonnington's Municipal Building Surveyor uses a Building Control Intervention Filter Criteria (BCIFC).

This is a policy framework for complaints about building work using a private building surveyor.

Under the BCIFC, the Municipal Building Surveyor can:

  • hand the issue to the private building surveyor (where the surveyor is responsible for fixing the problem)
  • hand the issue to the Building Practitioners Board or Victorian Building Authority (if the Municipal Building Surveyor thinks the surveyor isn't acting appropriately)
  • act directly, to reduce risk to people or property.

The Municipal Building Surveyor will think about what to do, based on the situation.

View our building control intervention filter criteria policy(DOC, 534KB)