Hoarding and barricades

Hoarding and barricades protect the public during construction.

They also secure a site when nobody's there.

You must have a permit in place before putting up hoarding, a protective barrier or temporary fencing on Council land.

If a hoarding is required for a building permit, you’ll need a Report and Consent - Precautions Over Street from Council before the building permit is issued.

When you have your Report and Consent, you can apply for a hoarding permit.

Applying for hoarding and barricades

Apply for hoarding and barricades through eServices portal

You need to provide with your application:

  • A completed application form(DOC, 2MB).
  • A fully-scaled, detailed site plan indicating the size and site of the hoarding. The plan should also include physical constraints such as pits, poles, drainage points and street trees.
  • A detailed traffic management plan.
  • A copy of a current certificate of public liability for $20 million.


Application fee: $191

Occupation fee per m2/week: $9.80 (capped at $1000 per week)

Fast track fee: $100 (subject to approval / eligibility)

More information

For more information, call us on 03 8290 1333 or email amenity@stonnington.vic.gov.au