C304 – Compilation heritage amendment


In October 2021, an independent panel considered Amendment C304 and its submissions. You can download and view the panel report(PDF, 1MB) comprising of the panel’s conclusions and recommendations relating to the Amendment.

The panel report comprising of the panel’s conclusions and recommendations relating to the Amendment 304ston was considered by Council on 28 March 2022, where Council determined to adopt the Amendment with changes. All adopted documentation can be found on this page.

The Amendment in its adopted form has now been submitted to the Minister for Planning for final approval. 


 Amendment C304 summary
Amendment Compilation Heritage Amendment C304 to the Stonnington Planning Scheme

The Amendment applies the findings of heritage investigations by applying the Heritage Overlay to:

  • one new precinct (Brocklesby Precinct)

  • three individual places (151 Finch Street, Glen Iris, 546 Orrong Road, Armadale and 35 Larnook Street, Prahran).

The Amendment also revises and extends:

  • four existing precincts (Toorak Road Precinct, Cunningham and Oxford Street Precinct, Airlie Avenue Precinct, and Chomley Street Precinct).

As part of the application of the Heritage controls, Amendment C304ston proposes changes to setback requirements within the Activity Centre Zone.

It also removes properties (on Packington Place) from the Design and Development Overlay and Neighbourhood Character Overlay.

Subject places

Amendment C304 applies the findings of separate heritage investigations by applying the Heritage Overlay to:

Brocklesby Precinct, Armadale (HO640)

  • 116-134 Kooyong Road, Armadale
  • 1002-1012 Malvern Road, Armadale
  • 2B Erskine Street, Armadale

Toorak Road Precinct, South Yarra (HO150)
Existing Precinct plus proposed extension:

  • 1-63 Toorak Road, South Yarra
  • South Yarra Railway Station platforms including canopies above platforms.

Lee Terrace, South Yarra (HO641)

  • 6-18 (even) Avoca Street, South Yarra

Palermo Estate Precinct, South Yarra (HO128)
Existing residential component of HO128 plus proposed extension:

  • 1-18A and 28-30 (evens) Palermo Street, South Yarra

Chapel Street North Precinct, South Yarra (HO642)
Existing commercial component of HO128 plus proposed extension:

  • 575-593 (odds) Chapel Street, South Yarra
  • 248-250 (evens) Toorak Road, South Yarra

Airlie Avenue Precinct, Prahran (HO178)
Existing precinct plus proposed extension:

  • 546-574 High Street, Prahran
  • 74-100 (evens) Chomley Street, Prahran
  • 1-5 (odds) and 2-30 (evens) Willis Street, Prahran

Chomley Street Precinct, Prahran (HO386)
Existing precinct plus proposed extension:

  • 73-95 (even) Chomley Street, Prahran
  • 15-21 (odd) and 34-38 (even) Packington Place, Prahran

Individual Places:

  • Crossman House (Former), 151 Finch Street, Glen Iris
  • 546 Orrong Road, Armadale
  • 35 Larnook Street, Prahran

As part of applying Heritage controls, the Amendment makes changes to:

  • the Activity Centre Zone
  • Neighbourhood Character Overlay, and
  • Design and Development Overlay.



October - December 2020  Amendment C304 exhibited from 29 October to 9 December 2020.
January - February 2021

Council reviewed submissions.

1 March 2021

At its meeting, Council resolved to request the Minister for Planning to appoint a Panel to hear and consider submissions on the Amendment.

The Council Minutes and Agenda are available here: C304ston-Council-Minutes-Report-and-Attachments-01-03-21(PDF, 6MB)

 30 April 2021

Panel Direction

Planning Panels Victoria adjourned the hearing to allow Council to notify occupiers of the Planning Scheme Amendment.

20 May - 21 June 2021 Further Notice of Amendment C304 given to occupiers. 
19 July 2021  Council review and consideration of further submissions. 
9 August 2021 

Directions Hearing

12, 13, 15 October 2021

Panel Hearing

View the full Panel Hearing timetable(PDF, 388KB).

8 December 2021 Panel Report is released.
28 March 2022

Council adopts Amendment C304ston.


Contact our Strategic Planning team for more information. Email strategicplanning@stonnington.vic.gov.au or call 03 8290 1395.

Proposed individual heritage places

151 Finch Street, Glen Iris (Citation)(PDF, 1MB) (Statement of Significance)(PDF, 1MB)

35 Larnook Street, Prahran (HO645) (Citation)(PDF, 5MB) (Statement of Significance)(PDF, 556KB)

546 Orrong Road, Armadale HO644 (Citation)(PDF, 3MB) (Statement of Significance)(PDF, 485KB)

Palermo Estate (HO128) (Citation)(PDF, 2MB) (Statement of Significance)(PDF, 468KB)

Proposed individual heritage precincts

Toorak Road Precinct (HO150) (Citation)(PDF, 3MB) (Statement of Significance)(PDF, 630KB)

Airlie Avenue Precinct extension (HO178) (Citation)(PDF, 3MB) (Statement of Significance)(PDF, 538KB)

Chomley Street Precinct extension (HO386) (Citation)(PDF, 2MB) (Statement of Significance)(PDF, 365KB)

Brocklesby Heritage Precinct (HO640) (Citation)(PDF, 2MB) (Statement of Significance)(PDF, 423KB)

Chapel Street North Precinct (HO642) (Citation)(PDF, 1MB) (Statement of Significance)(PDF, 592KB)

'Lee Terrace', 6-18 Avoca Street, South Yarra (HO641) (Citation)(PDF, 2MB) (Statement of Significance)(PDF, 712KB)