Visitor and Temporary permits

Check your eligibility

To apply for a Visitor or Temporary Parking Permit, you must be eligible for a Resident Parking Permit. To check if your eligible for a Resident Parking Permit, use our online map.

Check your eligibility

Visitor Permit

Visitor Permits are 24-hour permits that are available for vehicles to access your home for one-off events like a party, funeral, wedding or other special occasions.

Each permit costs $6.20 per 24 hours, and you can have up to 10 at any one time.

Visitor Permits must be used in line with the Resident Parking Permit terms and conditions. The permit can be used on any car or motorcycle, and you don’t need to provide the car registration numbers. 

If you don’t have a current Resident Parking Permit, you may need to provide proof that you live in Stonnington.

To apply, please call 03 8290 1333 or visit a Customer Service Centre.

Temporary Permit

Temporary Permits are available if you need short-term parking to access your home, for longer than 24 hours. Reasons you may need a Temporary Permit include:

  • You need to apply for Resident Parking Permits but have just moved in, so you don’t have a signed lease or bond yet.
  • You are buying a new car but don’t have the registration document yet.
  • You have short-term tenants who are leasing your property for up to one month.
  • You are using another car for a short period of time.

We can issue Temporary Permits for up to 30 days in a calendar year. You can have the same number of Temporary Permits as you can Resident Parking Permits. Check how many you can have by entering your address in our online map here

To apply, please call 03 8290 1333 or visit a Customer Service Centre.

Car-free households

Residents who do not have a car can apply for one annual Variable Resident Parking Permit. This can only be used by your guests when visiting your property.

Apply for a Variable Resident Parking Permit

Street Sweeping Exemption

Even if you have a Resident Parking Permit, you must move your vehicle for street cleaning one hour every week as indicated by signage. If you cannot move your vehicle, you can apply for a street sweeping exemption.

Private parking agreements allow our enforcement officers to issue infringement notices for vehicles illegally parked on private property, like apartments and workplaces.

Agreements attract an annual fee, which is dependent on how many parking spaces the property owner wishes Council to enforce.

For more information, call our parking enforcement team on 03 9058 6600.