Environmental sensors

We’re trialing air quality sensors at multiple locations around Stonnington. This is the start of a plan to collect lots of data about our environment.

What are air quality sensors?

Air quality sensors provide us with important information about our environment, such as:

  • temperature
  • humidity
  • particles in the air.

About the trial

We're trialling the use of sensors in two locations to find patterns and learn the relationship between air quality and other environmental factors such as the volume of traffic. We will use this data to determine how we can use air quality sensors in other areas of the City.

Where are the sensors located?

The sensors are currently located at:

  • Windsor Station, Prahran
  • The Jam Factory, South Yarra.

How do the sensors benefit our community?

Collecting and analysing quality environmental data is an important step in reducing the impact of climate change. Our community has told us this is a vital part of planning for the future in Stonnington.

Understanding more about the local environment can allow us to make smarter decisions around infrastructure, planning public spaces and health. It will also help us understand how we are meeting our sustainability goals.