Reporting tree concerns

What we can help with

If you have a concern with a City of Stonnington tree, we can help. This may include trees on nature strips, in the street, or in parks, gardens and open spaces.

For information on what you can do for trees located on private property, visit manage trees on your property.

Trees or branch issues

We will:

  • Assess dead, diseased or damaged trees and determine the best solution to fix the issue.
  • Clean up and remove branches and trees that have fallen onto public footpaths and walkways. If the tree sits on private property, we will notify the property owner to remove it.
  • Remove hazardous stumps. These will be ground back and filled with soil to ground level.
  • Remove any trees on Stonnington land planted without permission.
  • Clean up and remove branches left behind by City of Stonnington contractors after tree work has taken place.

We will not:

  • Remove branches left behind on nature strips by third parties, such as private construction or electrical companies.
  • Remove a tree for new or existing construction works.
  • Remove a tree that:
  • is dropping seeds, leaves or sap
  • blocks light into a property or to solar panels
  • obstructs satellite or other telecommunications signals
  • blocks vehicle crossings
  • has problems associated with animals or insects living in it
  • obscures the view of business signage.

Overhanging branches

We will:

We prune City of Stonnington trees as part of our regular pruning program. We may prune outside the regular program times if a tree is classed as hazardous because it:

  • overhangs a public foot path
  • blocks the view of a motor vehicle
  • covers a road sign
  • touches electrical wires.

We will not:

Prune a City of Stonnington tree because it:

  • is dropping seeds, leaves or sap
  • blocks light into a property or to solar panels
  • obstructs satellite or telecommunications signals
  • obstructs views of business signage
  • has problems regarding animals or insects living in the tree
  • blocks vehicle crossings, or new or existing construction works.

Tree roots

We will:

  • Perform assessment and prune the roots of a street tree if they are found to be impacting property.
  • Install a tree root barrier when we assess that it is needed and possible.

We will not:

  • Install a tree root barrier without an inspection confirming it is needed.
  • Remove roots from privately owned and managed storm water outlets.
  • Fix or repair damage to private property due to root issues. If the repair or damage relates to your private drains, please contact your plumber or insurer to learn more about your options.

Planting, maintenance and watering

As part of our tree planting program, trees are only planted between April and September. Any request for planting of a particular species will be taken into consideration for the next planting season.

We will:

  • Replace sick and deceased trees with new trees.
  • Plant new trees to replace ones that have been removed.
  • Water, mulch and remove pests from trees for the first two years after planting.
  • Assess each planting request to find the best tree and location.

We will not:

  • Irrigate natures strips.
  • Plant on corners which may lead to obstructed vision. 

Neighbouring tree concerns

Sometimes you may have concerns with a tree on a neighbouring property. The City of Stonnington does not resolve tree matters between neighbours. We recommend you speak to your neighbour to find a resolution.

If a branch hangs over the boundary of your property, you can prune it to the boundary point. If it is a significant tree, you will need to apply for a Tree Works Permit before pruning it.

A significant tree is a tree that has a trunk circumference of 140 cm or larger when measured at 1.4 m above ground level.

Visit our Tree Works Permit page to apply, or find out how to determine if a tree is significant.

Visit Dispute Settlement of Victoria to learn more about your rights with neighbouring tree concerns and how to resolve them.

We will:

  • Make public areas safe if a fallen tree or branch is causing a safety issue, such as blocking footpaths or obstructing views. 
  • Notify owners of trees on private properties about public safety issues.
  • Fast-track permits for removing trees on private properties that are a safety concern.

We will not:

  • Remove or prune a tree sitting on private properties.
  • Force someone to remove or prune their tree.

Key information

If any tree poses a safety concern, call us on 03 8290 1333 so we can manage the hazard and ensure the area is safe right away.

A tree is a safety concern if it is:

  • a falling hazard
  • hanging over footpath and obstructing vision
  • blocking a footpath
  • causing a trip hazard. 

If the tree causing a safety concern is on a private property, please contact State Emergency Service on 132 500.

How to report concerns with a City of Stonnington tree

Collect information

To help us process your request, please collect the following information:

  • At least two images of the tree and area of concern (detailed image of the tree and an image showing the surrounding area).
  • The exact address or location.
  • The nearest road or landmark (if not a residential address).
  • If it’s in a large open space, the nearest road or landmark.
  • What the hazard is (touching power lines, blocking a footpath or road sign).
  • Tree measurements if it's relevant to the issue.

Report online

We will contact you via email once we receive your report.

Report now

Report is assessed and work is carried out

In most cases we must inspect the tree first to assess the issue and the surrounding environment. This helps us decide what type of work is needed, and what tools we’ll need to complete the work.

If our assessment shows tree works are required, we will schedule the work and notify you. For work such as tree removal, we will also notify those who are directly affected.

After tree works have been completed, the site and surrounding areas will be left safe and clean. Future inspections will be scheduled if needed.