Find your street sweeping dates

We clean our streets and laneways on a regular basis. The frequency of our street sweeping varies depending on the density, retail and hospitality offerings, foot traffic and usage of the area.

We will either sweep the street every:

  • day
  • week
  • fortnight
  • 8 weeks.

How often we sweep the street depends on the location of the street. For example, areas with more foot traffic are swept more frequently.

Find your street sweeping cycle

Type your street address, including your unit, house or building number, into the map to find your street's sweeping cycle. 

Sometimes there may be delays to our schedule. This can be due to issues such as heavy leaf falling that season, road works or a vehicle breakdown. In those scenarios, we will try to complete our sweeping as quickly as possible.

Please be patient while the map loads.

Leaf season

Leaf season is often our busiest time of the year and we often deploy additional resources to complete our cleaning schedule on time. However, there may be times when there are delays, particularly during heavy leaf falling periods. We appreciate your patience with us during this time. 

To report safety concerns with leaves on your street, you can report it by calling 03 8290 1333.

How you can help us during leaf season

We appreciate your help in helping us sweep up leaves quickly and easily. You can assist us in leaf sweeping by keeping leaves outside your property and your street flat. This will help our equipment sweep them up quickly. 

If you’d like to pile your leaves into bags, you can request us to collect it from the naturestrip by submitting a request online or by calling 03 8290 1333. Please note, we can only pick up bags by request.

How you can help with street sweeping


We are unable to sweep under cars. If you wish for the area underneath your car to be swept, there are ways you can assist.

Temporary parking exemptions for no parking streets

Some streets have a 'No Parking' restriction for one or two hours every week so Council’s street sweeping vehicles can clean the street.

If you can't move your vehicle due to being sick, going on holiday, or having mechanical problems, you can apply for a temporary parking exemption.

It is important to let us know before the street sweeping day or as soon as possible, before the restriction starts so we have time to notify parking officers.

Streets with no parking restrictions

If you know the street sweeping date, we recommend finding an alternative parking spot on that date.

If there are no set dates, you can help us by cleaning under your car and sweeping leaves from under parked vehicles the night before. Please make sure you remove sticks, branches and rocks from the leaf litter as it might damage our machinery.

Approaching staff on site

We understand there may be concerns you’d like to let us know about. When working, our employees wear protective gear, such as earplugs. This may make it hard for them to respond to your requests.

If you have additional safety concerns about your street, you can report it by calling 03 8290 1333.

Reporting hazardous waste issues

You can report hazardous waste issues to Council, such as:

  • animal or human waste
  • dead animals
  • spillages of dangerous substances such as oil spills
  • syringes or any other sharp objects.

To report a hazardous waste issue, call us on 03 8290 1333 and our team will aim to clean it as soon as possible. If your issue is regarding a bin, including abandoned and public bins, you can report it online through our bin service request form.