Busking Permit Application Conditions

Busking Permits are subject to the following conditions:

  1. This permit is issued on condition that the person or incorporated entity, to whom or to which it is issued (the 'Permit Holder'), complies at all times with the City of Stonnington Footpath Trading and Awning Policy(PDF, 1MB).
  2. This permit is issued on condition that a chair or other items relating to the activity specified in the permit only remain on the footpath whilst the activity is operating.
  3. Should any proprietor or occupier of any premises within hearing distance of the performer request the performer to move out of hearing distance, the performer is required to do so.
  4. Busking is only permitted between 7am and 11pm daily.
  5. The use of electrically amplified equipment or any percussion type instruments are not permitted.
  6. The use of fire, animals, materials, substances or equipment that may pose a threat to public safety is prohibited.
  7. Children under the age of 13 may not perform unless accompanied by a person over the age of 16 years. Children under the age of 16 require parent/guardian written permission.
  8. Acts involving the participation of more than six persons are not permitted.
  9. The person to whom this permit is issued, or in the case of a corporation, a person authorised by that corporation, must be present when any busking allowed under the permit occurs. Busking permits are not transferable or refundable.
  10. Buskers must, at all times, leave clear 1.5 metres of footpath for use by pedestrians.
  11. This permit must be carried at all times by the performer and produced on demand by an authorised officer of the Council.
  12. The Council reserves the right to revoke or amend any permit issued to a busker by the City of Stonnington without notice in the event of any breach of these conditions.
  13. Buskers are prohibited from selling or offering to sell any merchandise or product.
  14. An authorised officer of Council may at any time direct a busker to relocate or cease their performance if the officer deems it to be too loud, offensive, or to the annoyance of another person or is not able to produce a permit on request.
  15. The following activities are not permitted:
    • Activities involving tobacco, gambling or alcohol promotion or advertising.
    • Activities which are deemed illegal, or could promote violence.
    • Activities that are part of an advertising campaign or advertising a product.
    • Activities that are selling, offer or expose for sale any article or commodity.
    • The use of fire, knives, swords, chainsaws or any other dangerous instrument is strictly prohibited. This includes instruments that have been modified for safety but can still be perceived as dangerous.
    • Activities of a sexually explicit nature.
  16. The permit may designate areas within the City of Stonnington in which busking is allowed or is prohibited.

A permit renewal will not be issued. It is the responsibility of the permit holder to ensure they hold a current permit to busk in the City of Stonnington.

Renewals and applications can be made online or at:

Malvern Town Hall
311 Glenferrie Road

For more information call 03 8290 1333.

Download Busking Permit Application Conditions(PDF, 140KB)